April 16 2019

History is important

I have never visited France, and hence I have never seen Notre Dame up close. As I watched the news, however, it reminded me so much of York Minster, that I couldn’t help but think of that unbelievable slice of English religious history.

Over the course of all my trips to the U.K., my primary goal was to visit as many historical sites as possible. While all of them were amazing and educational, the most stunning had to be York Minster. There are no words to describe the scale of this cathedral. And the idea that some form of church has stood on that same land since the 7th century is humbling.

History and landmarks are important to teach us about what came before us. While I have never visited Notre Dame, I feel for its loss to the world. Hopefully, some of it can be salvaged, but that remains to be seen in the days to come.

For now, take the time to visit historical sites and museums around where you live as you never know when they may be taken from us.

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