April 17 2019

The budget for Swamp Thing will make you drop your jaw

Swamp Thing is on its way to DC Universe on May 31, however, it’s not getting there without some turmoil.

First off, the first teaser for the series was released on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, there were reports that the first season has been cut from 13 episodes to 10. This happens from time to time, and everyone is free to speculate. What caught my attention, however, is that the series reportedly had an estimated budget of $85M.

Let that sink in.

Even if it made it to all 13 episodes that would be a budget of $6.53M per episode. There are movies made for less than that. The mind boggles at how an hour-long series on a streaming service that is less than a year old, could approve this big of a budget.

More power to them, but it is indeed a bit ming boggling if you ask me.

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