April 21 2019

Did Disney+ crack the pricing code?

I had lunch with a friend this weekend who had been away on business when Disney+ announced its pricing. I ran him through the stats of how much content would be on there and so forth, and then I told him it was $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year.

His eyes nearly popped out of his head and he said that was an immediate subscription for him.

Not a person I have spoken to has flinched at this price. People I wouldn’t even really consider Disney fans are saying they just can’t imagine skipping this service. And when you look at the content, that’s it going to have, it just seems unbelievable. Disney is planning for 25 original episodic series as well as 10 movies and specials in the first year alone. This is in addition to 7,500 episodes of various television properties, 100 recent movies, and over 400 library titles. By year five the number increases to over 50 new original series a year with all other numbers increasing as well.

At this stage of the game it almost feels as though the question shouldn’t be “will Disney+ change the streaming game?” as much as it should be “when will Disney+ change the streaming game?”

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