April 22 2019

Curse of La Llorona scares up a win at the box office

It was the worst Easter weekend in over a decade, but someone still had to win.

First place went to The Curse of La Llorona with $26.5M. Globally it sits at $56.5M off of a $9M budget.

Shazam! took second place with $17.34M and now stands at $121.34M domestically. Globally it has hit $322.84M off of a $100M budget.

Third place went to Breakthrough with $11.1M.

Captain Marvel climbed back into the top five to land in fourth place with $9.1M. It now sits at $400.02M domestic and $1.089B globally.

Fifth place went to Little with $8.45M It now sits at $29.38M off of a $20M budget.

This week’s lonewide-release will be Avengers: Endgame.

Curious how I think these films will do? Check out my The Movies of 2019 – April report.

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