April 24 2019

Disney is killing some Fox films… people are surprised?

I’ve seen multiple reports today that Disney is killing some of the Fox projects in development and is putting them into turnaround. This is a process where a studio essentially cancels the project and then sells what work has been done on it as a package deal.

With Disney having purchased 21st Century Fox, this was bound to happen, and yet… people are acting as if this is some sort of surprise.

Of course this is happening. Any time a company buys another company, no matter what industry it is, old projects will be killed off. Apparently because its films it’s somehow more shocking?

The biggest kill off was Mouse Guard which had a budget of $175M. On an unproven property, that was pretty much a given. Paul Greengrass’ News of the World was picked up by Universal while Paramount snatched up the film adaptation of Angie Thomas’ On the Come Up.

There are five more films being watched closely and those are Kingsman: The Great Game, Fear Street, West Side Story, Free Guy, and Death on the Nile.

At this sage, about the only safe films are the Avatar sequels… sadly. Again, I don’t know who is convinced the world is waiting on these.

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