April 25 2019

Deadwood trailer – GET IN MY EYES AND EARS!

When Deadwood originally ran on HBO, I would record every episode. I watched it live, but by the next night I was watching the episode again. I did this for all three seasons.

David Milch is a writer like no other. He is a verbal artist, painting complex and layered pictures that you have to allow to simmer for a bit before you fully grasp them. Where many saw just dirty language everywhere, they were a part of the tapestry of Deadwood. If you don’t like the language, fine, just don’t watch, but I have never seen any other writer able to say more with an F-word than Milch.

Thankfully, the newest trailer for the Deadwood movie shows nothing has changed.

Warning, not safe for work language.

It’s art. It’s verbal jousting. I can only ever dream of writing something this beautiful.

May 31 can’t get here fast enough.

… or June 1 when I’m sure to watch it again…

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