May 8 2019

The New Mutants delayed yet again

Remember how we got a New Mutants trailer all the way back in Oct. 2017? Wasn’t that cute?

Yep, it got delayed again.

Right after the trailer came out, The New Mutants was immediately delayed to August 2019. The plan was a massive retooling would happen with reshoots commencing in Sept. 2018. Those have still not happened.

Now the film has been delayed again as Disney tries to merge its film schedule with that of Fox. It is now scheduled for April 3, 2020. Its original release date was April 12, 2018, so, you know, at least it won’t hit the two-year mark!

I really can not figure out why they are even bothering at this point. The reshoots haven’t happened, the ‘universe’ is essentially shutting down. It’s time to just move on and call it a day and wonder what could have been.

… I’ll still watch it.

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