August 29 2007

Google Ads

Not that I think a lot of you go hunting around in my archives, but all posts older than 30 days now have Google Adsense ads in them and will continue from here forward.  I figure 30 days ad-free is more than fair, and this is all about the search engine traffic.  Since I just… read more


As I wouldn’t mind getting an hour of blog consultation, I thought I would enter the blogLOUDER – Blog Consulting Competition. Adnan, from Blogtrepreneur, is holding a competition to celebrate the launch of his new site, blogLOUDER.  With the idea that 99% of blogs go away within 3 months of starting, his new service offers… read more

One thing I’ve learned in my short time with the blogs is that it’s all about hitting the news streams. Well, my coverage of today’s Apple event may not even be currently visible in the American Google news stream, but I’m #1 in Australia! (click the image for a larger view) Still cool, but oddly… read more


As you may have all noticed, I’ve gone image happy.  I think it’s a side effect of all my professional blogging and every one wants images with their stories, so I’m just used to doing it now.  Do you like it?  Hate it?  Indifferent?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.… read more


August 1 2007


For the first time ever, I have actually renewed my contract with a webhost as opposed to looking for greener pastures the second it ended! My contract with DreamHost isn’t actually up until November, but I had the extra funds this week to renew for two years, getting me the best price, so I did… read more

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July 23 2007

RSS Revisited

Almost two weeks ago I asked RSS – Is it for me?, and now I’m back with an answer… It is. I have NO clue why I didn’t see how much it would speed up my life. Add in that since that time I landed two more writing jobs, I have next to no time… read more

Blogging Writing

July 18 2007

My new job

A little while back I made a post about having joined the website as a writer. Well, I’m still there, but now I can announce I have also joined the staff of You can check out my very first post here, it’s about the new BlackBerry 8820 that was just announced. (I want… read more

A little while ago I made a post that I would be doing sponsored posts every now and then. Don’t bother looking for it, I deleted it. This is not revisionist history as I am admitting here I did it, but, when the time came to pull the trigger and do my first one… I… read more

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Roy recently wrote a piece about cleaning up his RSS feeds that got me to finally add Feedburner to run my own RSS feed. When you add in what I wrote in my blog contest entry about sparsely updated blogs, it got me to finally get off my butt and start adding the blogs I… read more

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Time to place my votes in the Blog Project:Three Final List! Three Things to Do Before You Click Publish (and One Thing to Do After) by Jacqueline 3+1 Things Blogger’s Should Never Ever Do. by Arpit 3 Reasons Why I dont Like GMail by Nirmal Top 3 Ways to Avoid a Crowd at Disney World… read more

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The other day I made my entry in to the Daily Blog Tips Blog Project:Three contest. The final list of entrants is now up, be sure to check them all out! I will be voting for my faves in the next day or two. Blogging Top 3+1 Sites about Blog Contests by Lovedeep Wadhwa Why… read more

As part of Daily Blog Tips Blog Project:Three contest, I thought I would give a short list, three items to be precise, of ways to get me to not want to return to your blog. Consider these helpful hints to keep your most precious commodity, your loyal readers, coming back. 1. In-Text Advertising – There… read more

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