I blame Peter Jackson for this trend. One book does not mean two movies are necessary, but it seems to be Hollywood’s favorite thing to do. Brian Herbert – son of Dune creator Frank Herbert – gave a small update on the latest film adaptation of the sci-fi classic this week on Twitter. I have… read more


Hollywood has gone nuts for adapting multi-book fantasy series into films. So nuts, in fact, that the books don’t even need to be published yet to get a multi-film deal. So I’m sure you’ve heard of the QUeen of the Tearling trilogy by Erika Johansen. Oh, you haven’t? Could that be because the book trilogy to… read more

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Proving yet again that Hollywood is completely out of ideas, the Choose Your Own Adventure books series of the 1980s is heading to the silver screen. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox is closing in on finishing up a deal to acquire the rights to the Choose Your Own Adventure book… read more


Well, that didn’t take long. Sony is attempting to option the rights to the upcoming biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaccson. According to Deadline, Sony is making a hefty offer to acquire the rights to the biography that is due out later this month.  The 656-page hardcover is made up of over 40 interviews that… read more

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Finally, the final Harry Potter film is on its way to theaters, and I for one couldn’t be happier this whole thing is coming to an end. When I reviewed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows back in 2007, I was less than kind to the book.  I felt J.K. Rowling had shown herself to… read more

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Choose Tour Own Adventure books, which published 185 titles from 1979 to 1999, looks set to become a film. Let head scratching commence. It was reported recently on CHUD that a production company Red Crown has announced that it’s working on TV and film adaptations of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.  While this is… read more

Yeah, you heard me … I don’t get this whole Twilight thing. Lets be clear: I have not read any of the books, and I have not seen any of the movies, nor do I have any desire to do so.  The second I heard the vampires “sparkle”, I was out.  “Wait, not only can… read more

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So, yeah … I canceled my order for the Barnes & Noble nook. Back in November I informed all of you that I ordered a nook and I was looking forward to reviewing it for all of you.  I knew I was going to have to wait a while before I got it, but that… read more

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September 13 2009

True Blood Season 2 Finale

Season 2 of HBO’s hit series True Blood is wrapping up tonight (9PM EST/8PM CST), and what a wacky season it has been. If you aren’t familiar with the series, it is based on a series of novels by Charlene Harris entitled The Southern Vampire Mysteries.  While the television series and novels start diverting from… read more

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Are you a squealing teenage girl? Have access to your parents credit cards? Then have I got the deal for you! Nothing says “Lets celebrate our love of vampires” more than taking a cruise ship from Seattle, WA to ports in Alaska for a week.  For a the low, low price of $1200, you too… read more

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Someday I may get excited about the Amazon Kindle, but it still hasn’t happened yet. Over at StarterTech I wrote up about how the Amazon Kindle 2 Got Official on Monday, but I tried to keep my general personal opinions out of that article.  In general I just don’t get the excitement over the device,… read more

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Poor, Oprah. She just can’t pick a book, can she? Remember when Oprah got duped by James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces?  She was steadfastly behind this book about a man’s trials with drug addiction, even making it one of her precious “Oprah’s Book Club” choices.  Then it came to light that he… read more

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