As of Dec. 27, 2012 officially became the highest grossing year ever at the domestic box office for the movie industry. As of Thursday, the domestic U.S. box office total for the year passed $10.6 billion, beating the record set in 2009 of $10.59 billion. With four days – and a holiday weekend amidst that… read more

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The purchase of Lucasfilm by the Walt Disney Company is now complete. Prepare for movies! Announced on Halloween, the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney has already received approval from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) faster than you can say “jump to light speed.” Thanks to a higher than expected price for shares of Disney, the purchase price… read more

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The final total numbers for the 2011 box office finally hit today, and they tell a rather interesting tale. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) finally released all the numbers for the 2011 box office, and while the U.S. barely broke the $10 billion mark again, overseas is where the real action was. U.S.… read more

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On Aug. 4th, 1986 I opened Splash Page Comics, my comic book store. Despite the fact that in 1991 we moved to a larger set of digs, and in 2001 we closed the retail operation and became AnimeUSA full time, one thing has remained the same: The Thor poster. Before we opened the store we… read more

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Hollywood had a lot to celebrate about 2010 … and a lot to worry about. For only the second time ever, movie revenue surpassed $10 billion. Pretty impressive, huh? But it was only off the back of 1.35 billion tickets, the second lowest tickets sales since 1.33 billion sold in 1996. Attendance dropped by 5.4%,… read more


Have you given any thought to why every movie is being put into 3D?  Think about it for a minute.  I’ll wait. If you answered, “because it is an artistic choice that enhances the movie”, you just failed the class and I will be holding you back a year.  If you answered, “because they can… read more

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While I’m one for working pretty much every day, holiday or not, I understand those who wan to take them off. With that in mind, why in the world are Kmart and Walmart open on Thanksgiving this year? I can’t remember either of them ever doing this before, and that makes me really curious. Has… read more

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It seems that someone finally got around to telling the two biggest comic book companies, Marvel Entertainment and DC comics, that they were about to price themselves out of existence. The New York Comic Con is currently in progress, and both Marvel and DC have taken the opportunity to announce major changes to their book… read more

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Not even two months ago I had a protracted discussion with my mother about how Walmart should try out solar panels on their stores as they have those giant flat roofs. Apparently they have my house bugged. Fast Company reported earlier this week that Walmart is trying out a pilot program where they are putting… read more

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Well, this really was only a matter of time when you think about it, but it looks like some sort of Marvel Comics theme park may be coming out of Disney, but it isn’t going to be where you’d expect it. According to a report from The Telegraph last week, Euro Disney has petitioned the… read more

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Apparently my friends know what will get my behind in a car, and that is to tell me that Hastings, a store I am not overly fond of, has not only converted part of its music section into a comic book area, but they are even going so far as to carry back issues. …… read more

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Did you enjoy Paranormal Activity? No matter if you did or didn’t, get ready for more of the same. Made on a budget of $15,000, Paranormal Activity brought in a domestic box office of $107,484,801 which is apparently leading movie studio to launch a new micro-budget division that will produce films made on a budget… read more

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