Will Hollywood learn a lesson? Probably not. Remember all of those flops in 2017 that I talked about? Well, it was even worse than that list suggested. The total number of tickets sold in the U.S. in 2017 came to 1.239 billion, which seems healthy, but that is the lowest movie attendance since 1992 which… read more

Disney announced on Thursday its intentions to buy numerous assets from 21st Century Fox, but that doesn’t mean it’s definitely happening. After numerous rumors, Disney and 21st Century Fox made their deal official on Thursday morning. Listening into the investor’s call shortly after the announcement, Disney execs stated they expected it to close within 12… read more


Comcast has apparently pulled up stakes and has left Disney alone to in the run to purchase 21st Century Fox. According to sources speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Comcast has pulled out of the talks due to Disney returning to the table and regulatory concerns. The feeling is a Comcast/Fox deal would have been… read more

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From the land of “who didn’t see this coming?” Warner Brothers is less than happy with the way Justice League is playing out. When you end up spending a rumored $300M on a film, you expect it to do well. When it comes in at only $570.3M three weeks into release, it’s time to start… read more


It seems that things have sped up considerably when it comes to Fox and Disney. According to sources speaking with CNBC, discussions between Fox and Disney have advanced and there could be an announcement as soon as next week. The sale, should it happen, would encompass Nat Geo, Star, regional sports networks, movie studios and… read more


We’re going to need a scorecard at this point to keep track of the talks. It seems that Disney and Fox are in talks again to purchase chunks of the company latter. Comcast is said to also be in the mix, but Disney is appearing to be the favored party at this point. According to… read more


It may not be Disney that ends up with Fox at this point, but that doesn’t mean a sale isn’t still on the table. Indications are that talks between Fox and Disney have come to an end, but it seems a new suitor is sniffing around. According to sources speaking with CNBC, Comcast has now… read more


The toy aisle could become a lot more tight-knit if an acquisition goes through. According to unnamed sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Hasbro has approached Mattel about a possible buyout. For those unfamiliar with the companies, Hasbro is the company behind toy lines such as G.I. Joe and Star Wars while Mattel is best-known… read more


Never say never in Hollywood. The X-Men just may yet join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to sources speaking with CNBC, Disney has been having on-again, off-again discussions with 21st Century Fox about acquiring portions of its media empire. Apparently, Fox wants to focus more on sports and news, and less on entertainment. I’ve broken… read more


The argument of whether or not you should head to the movies on opening night may get a bit more complex in 2018. Regal Entertainment Group is preparing to test what is being called ‘dynamic pricing’ at select locations in 2018. Speaking on the company’s third-quarter earnings call, Regal CEO Amy Miles said, “This test… read more

Disney hit $7 billion at the global box office this week, making it the first film studio to ever cross this milestone. Disney reached the $7B cumulative total with Captain America: Civil War, Zootopia and Finding Dory having all crossed the $1B mark at the box office. Jungle Book brought in a further $966M and… read more

Disney has turned into a monster at the box office, and it just seems to be gaining more momentum. 2015 saw Walt Disney Pictures bring in an impressive $5.84B at the box office, its best year ever. As of Nov. 1 the studio has already brought in $5.85B. Disney reached this cumulative total with Captain… read more

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