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Y: The Last Man has a pilot order, but I wouldn’t hold your breath quite yet. In the content hungry world we live in, it’s amazing that Y: The Last Man hasn’t happened yet, but it hasn’t been from a lack of trying. I’ve given up keeping track of all the false starts this property… read more


Netflix is getting heavy into the comics game with its latest acquisition, Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe. During the 1990s there was a massive shift to creator-owned books, and this was exemplified by the early days of Image Comics. Under that umbrella big name creators had their own little corners of the company. Rob Liefeld –… read more

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Don’t hold your breath to see a Batgirl or Nightwing movie any time soon. While it seemed at one time Warner Brothers was looking at throwing all of the DC characters on the screen, according to TheWrap, the studio is now dialing back on that idea. According to an insider speaking with the publication, the… read more

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Well, throw this on the pile of comic books I never thought would see a television series happening. EuropaCorp Television has purchased the rights to Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg! series. Published originally in 1983 by First Comics, it was one of the titles that started the trend of indie comics being not just for kids.… read more


DC is hard at work on the animated version of The Killing Joke, and now it’s time to start promoting it. Announced last year at San Diego Comic-Con, DC is inching closer to the release of its animated feature of The Killing Joke. No release date is known as of yet beyond “Summer 2016,” but… read more


Over the past few years I have tended to stray from writing rebuttals to things said on the Internet, but sometimes some people are just so foolish that they must be taken to task. Rhymer Rigby penned an article for The Telegraph this past weekend entitled “No self-respecting adult should buy comics or watch superhero… read more

DC Comics is resetting the universe yet again, but don’t you dare call it a reboot! In 1985 DC Comics launched a 12-part series called Crisis on Infinite Earths where the company decided to reset its universe as things had gotten out of control with too many different timelines. Crisis brought it all together and… read more


Hanna-Barbera is the latest to get its properties reimagined courtesy of DC Comics. DC Comics announced on Thursday that its launching four new comic series that will see the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons reimagined with new twists. “I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t look back at these characters with anything but fond memories,” said Dan… read more


At long last, Bill Finger is getting the recognition he is due. Back in the early days of comics it wasn’t uncommon for busy creators to have people working under them, and then they would take the credit for whatever work they did. In general it was usually minor stuff, but when you end up… read more


If the new information is to believed, Mark Hamill is coming out of his self-imposed Joker retirement one last time. During Batman: The Animated Series Mark Hamill defined the gold standard for playing the Joker. Now, whenever I read a comic with the Clown Prince of Crime in it, it’s his voice I hear in… read more


Where and how did the Green Lantern movie go so horribly wrong? When the Green Lantern movie came out, it was ravaged by the critics. I figured it had to be at least somewhat of a backlash on it being yet another comic book movie, but now that I have recently gone back and watched it… read more

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I don’t want to be that guy, but Comic-Con isn’t what it used to be. From 1992 to 1996 I attended Comic-Con every summer. This was before it entered the popular culture conscience like it has today and people would still ask me “You went where?” As the years have gone on I have watched… read more

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