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During a presentation by Disney over in Europe, the logos for Avengers 2, Thor 2 and Captain America 2 made their debuts. While the Iron Man 3 logo had been seen some time ago, nothing had been revealed yet as for the other Marvel sequels.  The only big question was if they would use sub-titles… read more

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At long last, a trailer has been released for Dredd, the upcoming Judge Dredd movie. While it isn’t anywhere as bad as the 1990s movie, there are still some issues. First off, I can already say to those out there who are saying this looks like a ripoff of The Raid, you need to look… read more

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At the rate trailers are coming out for The Dark Knight Rises, there won’t be anyone on the planet who doesn’t know this movie is coming. It’s interesting to see how a movie as high profile as the third Christopher Nolan Batman film is being marketed when most people would tend to agree it doesn’t… read more

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Kick-Ass 2 definitely appears to be happening as Kick-Ass himself says things are a go. Speaking with Collider, Aaron Johnson was doing press for the upcoming movies Savages, but of course the discussion ended up turning towards the anticipated sequel to the cult classic. It’s pretty much set to go, this Fall. I think now… read more

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It looks as though fans of the Judge Dredd comic character may be about to get the wrong end of the deal once again. As if the 1995 Stallone film didn’t mentally scar long time Judge Dredd fans badly enough, a new image released yesterday was enough to make me shake my head and start… read more

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The CW has released an extended trailer for Arrow, its upcoming series based on Green Arrow. Hidden deep in the trailer is an image that is causing comic geek brains to explode today. At the three minute and 23 second mark, the following image flashes rapidly on the screen. This mask looks suspiciously like that… read more

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From the “I’m not surprised in the least” file, Warner Brothers has picked up a screenwriter to work on a Justice League film. According to Variety, Warner Brothers has signed Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall to start work on a Justice League project.  For those of you unfamiliar with the name, think of it as the… read more

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DC revealed this week that its iconic character that would come out as gay was Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern. Introduced in 1940 in All-American Comics, Alan Scott was a railroad worker who came into possession of an ancient magical green lantern that empowered him the ability to use a ring to fight evil.… read more

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Iron Man 3 has begun production in North Carolina, and now we have a better idea of who he will be fighting this time around. Coming off the success of The Avengers, Iron Man 3 is already filming, and while there have been reports of Ben Kingsley is playing an unnamed enemy that specializes in nano-technology, there… read more

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Just in case you were unaware of it, The Dark Knight Rises comes out on July 20.  Of course, the way the Warner Brothers marketing department is ratcheting up its push, it’s doubtful you’ll be unaware for long. I understand that a lot of movies do need to advertise to draw in viewers, but there… read more

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DC Comics has announced that an iconic character will soon be coming out as gay. Co-publisher Dan DiDio of DC Comics was speaking at the Kapow Comic Convention in London on Sunday according to Bleeding Cool where he revealed that a character would be coming out as gay.  There has been soem debate if it is a… read more

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In a not so surprising move, The CW announced today that it is taking Arrow to series. It was announced back in January that The CW was ordering up a pilot entitled Arrow which would be based on the Green Arrow from DC Comics.  Not too long after that a casting sheet leaked out that… read more

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