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There is nothing wrong with warning your citizens of potential health issues with foods, but acting as a nanny state that will tell me what I can eat is a whole lot stupidity. This past Sept. Baltimore passed a law that no trans fats may exceed .5 percent in any non-prepackaged food. If a business… read more

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The Parents Television Council (PTC) has once again shown themselves for the fact that the want to be morality police as opposed to their supposed stated purpose of trying to make sure television airs at the appropriate times. I’ve written about the PTC a few times before, but it has been quite a while since they did… read more

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Welcome to the fifth annual posting of this entry!  Long time readers can skip it, but as I keep adding more readers, it’ll keep getting posted! Ah, Columbus Day, the day we set aside each year to celebrate a lie. It always warms my heart. People tend to forget that Christopher Columbus wasn’t looking for… read more

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You know how there are some cities you just click with? The second you arrive you get in tune with the rhythm and flow, and it feels comfortable every moment you’re there? Yeah, Philadelphia is the exact opposite. I just got back from five days in Philadelphia, visiting the Diabolical Miss M (you can hear… read more

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Apparently Hell is getting its own airline, and it needed some specially designed seats that would be as uncomfortable as possible. Steven and I actually discussed these seats on last night’s episode of  Braindead Techcast, but I honestly couldn’t stop staring at these hideous contraptions once the show ended. The SkyRider seats will be unveiled… read more

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A school in Trphy Club, Texas is apparently incapable to tell the difference between grieving and pot smoking, and this landed a student with a three day suspension. Last Sunday Kyler Robertson lost his father to a stabbing. By Tuesday he asked his mother if he could return to school at Byron Nelson High School… read more

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Wouldn’t you think if you were a known author you might be a bit more measured in your comments in public?  Perhaps I am giving too much credit to people that write novels, but that would at least be my thought process. While going through my holiday weekend, a long time friend of mine retweeted… read more

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Here we go again, another town is going to be levying fines and community service at people who wear baggy pants. Really? This is what you are doing with governmental time in a time of financial crisis? Wow. According to CNN, the city of Dublin, GA will begin fining people $25 for the first offense… read more

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Apparently these is absolutely no limit to what governments think they can tax, but when a state passes a tax that is so obviously directed at one city, it just becomes insulting. State legislators in Albany, New York decided to classify a sliced bagel as a “prepared food”.  This means that if you go into… read more

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When you think of Las Vegas, what first pops into your head? If their advertising is doing its job, you think of the slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  You think gambling, gangsters, the Rat Pack, bodies in the desert, legal whore houses (outside of Las Vegas proper) and so on … and,… read more


It would appear the new fun thing for female sexual perverts to do is to pose as teenage boys on social networks and try to lure young girls into their webs of deceit. Last week I told you the story of Patricia Dye and how she lured teen girls into her life by posing as… read more

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Have you ever had a birthday cake that was so bad that you were still trying to get the taste out of your mouth 12 hours after eating it?  I can now check this off my list. While my family was home for my birthday on July 20th, since there were leaving the next morning,… read more

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