Netflix is wasting no time in letting us know when its next Marvel series is coming. Luke Cage hasn’t even been out a week and we already know when we’ll see Iron Fist, the fourth Netflix series. March 17, 2017 will allow us to both celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and learn all about the mystical… read more

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Animated films are dominating the box office this summer. The Secret Life of Pets soared to the top of the box office this weekend with an impressive $103.17M off of a $75M budget. The Legend of Tarzan had a decent second weekend dropping only 46.5 percent to take in $20.61M for a new total of… read more

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The Warriors may be heading to the small screen… can you dig it? According to a report from Deadline, cult classic film The Warriors may be heading to Hulu as a television series. This could go horribly wrong. Oh, what’s that? The Russo Brothers, the men behind the last two Captain America movies, are spearheading… read more

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Big Hero 6 is heading to the small screen for all new adventures. Disney announced on Wednesday that it will launch a Big Hero 6 animated series on Disney XD in 2017. The stories will pick up immediately after the conclusion of the film and will focus on Hiro adjusting to life while attending San Fransokyo… read more

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Without a whole lot of warning, Disney is already kicking into high gear to make sure everyone knows about Star Wars: The Force Awakens before it hits theaters. Normally in the lead up to a film’s release you get a few trailers and then a few weeks before release you’ll start seeing the TV commercials,… read more

Universal Pictures has set a new record year for a Hollywood studio and it’s only August. Apparently Universal Pictures can now take the rest of the year off as it has now taken in more money than any other studio ever has in a calendar year. The previous record holder was 20th Century Fox in… read more

The story behind the new Twin Peaks episodes is becoming as convoluted as the show itself. First the show was happening. Then it wasn’t. Then it was again. Now, thanks to two actors with loose lips, apparently the new season is being expanded from nine episodes to 18. According the Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) and Sherilyn… read more


Did you think the new Sith lightsaber looked a little odd in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer? Blame Jony Ive from Apple. For those of you unfamiliar with just who in the heck Jony Ive is, he is the design guru behind the majority of Apple’s hottest selling products such as the iPhone… read more

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The single book turned into three movies is finally coming to a close, and it’s taking a lot of our dollars with it. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies took the top spot at the box office this weekend with $56.2 million. That’s down from the $73.6 million opening of the second film,… read more

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You can stop holding your breath for an Iron Man 4 according to Tony Stark. While attending TIFF 2014, Robert Downey Jr. spoke with Variety about the possibility of Iron Man 4, and it’s pretty straight forward. There isn’t one in the pipe, No, there’s no plan for a fourth ‘Iron Man.’ Well… that sucks. He… read more

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With the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it appears Marvel may be moving forward with another space film based on the Inhumans. According to Collider, Marvel is eyeing the Inhumans for a future movie and already have a script draft by Joe Robert Cole. It comes from the same writing program that saw… read more


That disturbance you felt in the Force today was thousands of Star Wars fan boys screaming in terror as the Expanded Universe was rebooted. Lucasfilm announced today that the Expanded Universe (EU) prior to today is no more and is now considered the “Legends” series. In order to give maximum creative freedom to the filmmakers… read more

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