It looks as though the Grinch is stealing more than Christmas this year. First place this week went to The Grinch with $66M off of a $75M budget. Not a bad start at all. Bohemian Rhapsody took second place this weekend with $30.85M for a new domestic total of $100M. Globally it sits at $285.27M… read more

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While human and home loss are the biggest concern in wildfires, there has been a significant loss to movie and TV history. The “Woolsey Fire” has claimed the standing Western Town set at Paramount Ranch. We are sorry to share the news that the #WoolseyFire has burned Western Town at #ParamountRanch in Agoura. We do… read more

It seems that the Kingsman franchise is going a different direction with Kingsman 3. Rumor has been that the third film in the series would jump back to World War I and show the formation of the Kingsmen. With this in mind, the inclusion of Taron Egerton as Eggsy wouldn’t make a ton of sense.… read more


Despite numerous production problems, audiences still showed up. Bohemian Rhapsody won the weekend with $50M and globally sits at $141.7M off of a $52M budget. Second place went to the opening weekend of The Nutcracker and the Four Realms with $20M. With its foreign haul it sits at $58.5M off of an unknown budget. Nobody’s… read more

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The titles for the Avatar sequels apparently have made their way into the world and… yeah, they suck. There’s no indication yet if this in the order of the films, but: Avatar: The Way of Water Avatar: The Seed Bearer Avatar: The Tulkun Rider Avatar: The Quest for Eywa All four are awful. Hopefully with… read more

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I love Ridley Scott. He has brought us some amazing films such as Alien and Blade Runner. But his output since Gladiator has not been great. In fact, it’s been pretty horrible. Prometheus and Alien: Covenant were just… ugh. Now he’s working on a sequel to Gladiator for no good reason. This is not a… read more

Flash Gordon looks set to grace movie screens yet again. Fox has been trying to put together a new project for some time now, but a new director has come on board to possibly breathe some life into it. Julius Avery (Son of a Gun) has been tapped with the duty of launching a new… read more

It seems there is still some life to Michael. Halloween took in $32.04M in the U.S. to score a second weekend at the box office. It’s domestic total now stands at $126.69M and globally it has hit $172.29M off of a $10M budget. Second place went to A Star is Born with $14.14M, bringing its… read more

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It seems that Disney is already on the track to reboot the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise after only 14 years and five films. According to Deadline, the studio has reached out to the writers of the Deadpool films, Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick, to take a crack at coming up with something new. Jerry… read more

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Wonder Woman 84 has moved its release back seven months from Nov. 1, 2019 to June 5, 2020. This is the second film in under a week to move to 2020. First, it was Jungle Cruise, and now it’s Wonder Woman 84. I do not feel the latter move is connected to the form, but… read more

It seems there is still some life to Michael. Halloween took in a staggering $77.5M in the U.S. and a further $14.3M at the foreign markets for $91.8M off of a $10M budget. Rumor is that talks had begun even before this film was out, so expect it to be happening for sure now. Second… read more

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This is very much a housekeeping post, but an important one to my annual “Movies of the year” or “movies of the quarter” posts. I used to do all the upcoming releases for the year in one post, and it was just too difficult, especially when you got to the later months. Then I moved… read more

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