Cinematical The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the monster that Jack Valenti built to enforce his letter-coded rating system, has demanded that writers of online fan fiction discontinue the use of said rating system to classify their work. Well it appears that the AMPAS has a lot of time on their hands, or… read more

I have been trying to catch up on some DVD watching lately….why does Hollywood hate us? Do they really think we are not worthy of their time and effort?… read more

I am *SO* stoked Rent is finally being made into a movie! Even better, they got the majority of the original Broadway cast to come back for it! I was lucky enough to see it in early 1997 when the original cast was still performing. I have lost count of how many times I have… read more

Moviefone: ‘Sin City’ Movie Exclusives A new Sin City trailer…my keyboard is now covered in drool. I *hate* getting this hyped for a movie, but *fans himself* I so have to see this!… read more


February 17 2005


SIN CITY *drool* *slobber* must see… read more

Star Wars: Site Info | Survey Give your feedback on what you want to see the official Star Wars website do in the post Ep III times.… read more


December 21 2004


I don’t normally get THAT excited about movie trailers, but I have watched this one *eight* times already, and I am about to watch it again! I am *SO* ready to see this movie!… read more

1952’s High Noon is considered by many to be the first “adult” Western. A Western that finally addressed bigger subjects than simple good vs. evil, white vs. black. Marshal Will Kane (Gary Cooper) has just married a Quaker named Amy (Fowler) Kane (Grace Kelly) and is giving up his post as Marshall in Hadleyville to… read more

Figured I might as well post my occasional movie reviews I write for the heck of it 1967’s Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner probably raised more than a few eyebrows at the time of it’s release. Sadly though, if you can not put yourself in the mindset of that time, the potential emotional impact of… read more

muahahahahahhahahaha for once I have movie news before everyone else. Gotta love it. I can’t share it, but at least I know it;) I always have mixed feelings about my visits to LA. I am never here for even a full day, and to be honest, I’m glad. I am sorry to anyone who lives… read more

Michael Eisner has to go. It is official. No matter how you look at it, the man has become an unqualified dunce. The man DID, at one time, do great things for the Disney corp, but now he is not even a shadow of his former self. The kicking out of Roy Disney. The loss… read more


March 1 2004

Awards Shows

Deserving of the awards or not, if your film was up for 11 Oscar’s, wouldn’t you take the time to properly groom yourself? I mean, I’m no fashion plate, but if I was going to be seen by close to a billion people in 50 some languages, I think I would at least comb my… read more