On Thursday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced a new category it will be introducing, “outstanding achievement in popular film.” … I have some place they can put the statue. We’ve all had that feeling when the Oscar nominations are announced, “Man, I haven’t seen any of the best picture nominees.” It… read more

Movies Anywhere has been rumored for a while now, and now it’s a real thing and you should care. Up until now there have been tons of ways to buy digital copies, but for the most part, you locked them into one digital garden. If you bought a movie on Amazon you had to watch… read more

Remember how “Let it Go” from Frozen haunted you everywhere you went? Meet “You’re Welcome”. On the last day of my U.K. vacation I decided to go hit up Moana at a theater down the road. Another 23 minutes of commercials and trailers (I’m not kidding, 23 minutes again exactly), and I got into the… read more

After years of rumors and false starts, it looks like Pacific Rim 2 is really going to happen. Pacific Rim 2 now has a start date set for Nov. with filming set to take place in Australia and China. The film will have Steven S. DeKnight behind the camera as opposed to creator Guillermo del… read more

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At long last, the theme song for SPECTRE has arrived. Almost as exciting as a new James Bond movie itself, the debut of the latest theme song for 007’s latest adventure is always a momentous occasion. Will it live up to the great ones that have come before it? Will it give us a hint… read more


A trailer for the upcoming remake of Annie has just left me completely puzzled as to why this movie was made. I realize there hasn’t been a theatrical version of Annie since 1982 – which was actually pretty darn good – and I know Hollywood is in the throes of remakes right now, but really,… read more

There is so much wrong with this new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man that I don’t even know where to begin. I have not been excited about The Amazing Spider-Man from day one, and I have to say with the more I see, the more justified I feel in that.  From Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone)… read more

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Fromt he realm of, “Seriously? Here of all places?” comes the story that Boston is cracking down on mosh pits. According to the Boston Herald, The House of Blues located in Boston was recently cited for its security not intervening in a most pit that took place on February 21 during a Flogging Molly show.… read more

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Flogging Molly have returned with their fifth studio album, and the first released on their own record label, Thirty Tigers.  Is it a worthy addition to their growing discography of live and studio albums?  Yes. Ever since I fell in love with Flogging Molly with their first studio album, Swagger, I have approached each album… read more

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A third Green Lantern movie trailer has been released, and it is by far the best they have released yet. Perhaps it seems someone finally told the marketing department that they needed to explain the concept of the Green Lantern Crops a bit more to people not familiar with the comic book.  Employing the dulcet tones of… read more

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I very rarely talk about the music on this site any more, but when I do, you can be pretty sure it’s going to be about the greatest band on the planet, Flogging Molly. No, I haven’t gone to see them in concert again (though I would love to), but it is about the fact… read more

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It would seem that being a woman beater is not harming Chris Browns career in any way, shape or form. Must be nice. Following an appearance last week on Good Morning America where he was so enraged by an interview that he broke a window, Chris Brown was back on ABC tonight to appear on… read more

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