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No Name HBO Host is still in my craw. While his own hypocrisy is stunning, it was more I thought about how I live my life. Let me just be upfront here: Not one thing in my life is changing, so don’t go worrying. You know why I love comic books? They are the perfect… read more

I loved the original Red Dead Redemption. Not just loved… worshipped would be more accurate. With that in mind you would think I would be knee deep in Red Dead Redemption II, but for right now I’m skipping it. Why? I’m sorry, but I’m not going to spend my extremely limited video game time brushing… read more

Toy Fair 2017 was a success for TechnoBuffalo, and that means that I’m heading back for another round of walking the floor of the Javits Center. As you read this I’m about to head to the airport and start making my way to New York for a week. First a couple days of meetings, then… read more

Following on from the news that the Hasbro Cinematic Universe is finally on the move, now it seems an animated series is in the works as well. Hasbro has announced plans for an animated series based on the Micronauts toy line. Originally released in the 1970s by Mego, Hasbro picked up the rights several years… read more


After years of talk, the Hasbro Cinematic Universe is finally setting some dates for its first films. Hasbro has been talking about a combined universe for G.I. Joe, Micronauts, Visionaries and ROM for years now, but things didn’t seem to move for some time. Back in Oct. 2016 I actually did an interview with the… read more

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The toy aisle could become a lot more tight-knit if an acquisition goes through. According to unnamed sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Hasbro has approached Mattel about a possible buyout. For those unfamiliar with the companies, Hasbro is the company behind toy lines such as G.I. Joe and Star Wars while Mattel is best-known… read more


Sphero has done it again. This R2-D2 must be mine. Last year the hottest toy for the holiday season was the app-controlled BB-8 from Sphero. He’s adorable and fun to play with. I have one on my desk. But my true droid love has always been R2-D2, and really any astromech droid. Above my desk… read more


Toy Fair 2017 officially ends today, but I visited my last booth yesterday. Today I’m in my hotel room writing up more posts for TechnoBuffalo, getting ready to go to some business meetings here in New York City and editing what feels like an endless stream of pictures. (And bemoaning how much my legs hurt… read more

Lucasfilm is starting to kick the marketing machine into gear for The Last Jedi, and we’re off to the races with a look at the new heroic trio. On Thursday Lucasfilm unveiled the packaging for the toys hitting stores this Force Friday, and with it comes our first looks at Rey, Poe and Finn. Poe… read more

It’s amazing how life can be circular sometimes. Long before I had this site I had a five year run of writing for print magazines (remember those?) as one of the leading experts on action figures. I worked for a couple different magazines, and there was a short period where every toy price guide in… read more

Red Dead Redemption is quite possibly the best video game ever made, and now it is finally getting a sequel. Released in May 2010, over seven years later we’re finally getting a follow-up to Red Dead Redemption. In my very brief review years ago I sang its praises. The thing was, at the time I… read more

No matter how much will power I build up in this life, apparently Star Wars will always suck me back in. I headed to Walmart at 4:15 this morning. Earlier than I planned, but I had been awoken at 3 am by a bat in the house (no, I’m not kidding). So after removing the… read more

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