Star Trek Discovery has once again had its release date pulled, but this time we don’t know where it’s headed. For the second time Star Trek Discovery – the newest series in the iconic franchise – has had its release date pulled. Originally it was slated to debut in January, but then it was moved… read more


Yet another film is being resurrected for a reboot on the small screen. Please make it stop. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kenya Barris – creator of black-ish – is working on a reboot of 1992 comedy White Men Can’t Jump. In the original Woody Harrelson played a con man who would get street basketball… read more


Cooper and his hair are back in the town of Twin Peaks, and we have the first video of it. Showtime and David Lynch have decided to not show any footage from the 18 episodes of new Twin Peaks season, instead they are just showing us brief glimpses of the returning characters. Twin Peaks just… read more

Break out the coffee, the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks has a premiere date! Brew a pot of coffee (but make sure there’s no fish in the percolator) and grab a dozen donuts for May 21 as that is when Showtime will premiere the Twin Peaks revival. It will kick off with a two-hour premiere,… read more


The CW has ordered a new Charmed pilot, but it wasn’t quite what we were expecting. Word started to circulate that Charmed was going to be rebooted all the way back in 2013. Originally it was going to be over at CBS, but then The CW came into play. Now word has come down that it… read more


The Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who is coming to an end, and now we have our first taste of what to expect. Yeah… even I have had enough of the Daleks. Moffat is exiting Doctor Who at the end of the year – and some rumors say so will Peter Capaldi – but before… read more

Just how much TV is too much TV? Apparently we haven’t figured that out yet as we set a new record for scripted shows in 2016. Yes… that is exactly how opened this post last year. The FX network has been tracking how many scripted shows air each year on broadcast, basic cable, premium cable… read more

The CW isn’t pulling any punches in making it clear that Riverdale is not the Archie you know and love. I have to admit, while I’ve had trepidation about Riverdale, the more footage I see, the more intrigued I am. Yes, it looks like the Archie characters are being dropped into a mystery just to… read more

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Forest Whitaker isn’t quite done with Saw Gerrera quite yet. The majority of audiences were introduced to Saw Gerrera this past weekend in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but the character actually has his origins in the Clone Wars cartoon. (If you’ve never watched that series, do it. It’s awesome.) Now the character is… read more


The television reboot train is rolling on with Norman Lear classics being the next in the crosshairs. Apparently this month is turning into the time for television reboots to be announced. Now it’s all the Norman Lear 1970s classics including All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Maude and Good Times. According to Variety, Sony Pictures… read more

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NBC is going for yet another film reboot with its targets this time set on 1992’s Single White Female. According to an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has done a script commitment for a modern-day reboot for Single White Female that will see the locale change from New York City to San Fransisco.… read more


CBS has clearly run out of ideas as it is now looking at rebooting the classic 1950s series, The Honeymooners. The Hollywood Reporter reported on Thursday that CBS is putting a Honeymooners reboot into development. Bob Kushell, who worked on ABC’s reboot of The Muppets, is penning the pilot episode which will focus on two married… read more


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