The CW clearly isn’t planning to get out of the superhero game any time soon as it is now developing a Batwoman TV series. Previously reported, Batwoman will appear during the annual crossover event of the DC shows on The CW. Not wanting to waste any time, super producer Greg Berlanti is already working on… read more

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It would seem things are not going well on the Snowpiercer TV series to the point that the pilot director is refusing to return for reshoots. Snowpiercer became a hit film in 2013 thanks to Bong Joon-ho’s adaptation of the French comic Le Transperceneige. It was a fun film with a great cast headed up… read more


Harlan Ellison, one of the most prolific science fiction writers in history, has passed away at the age of 84. To many people his name won’t ring bells, but believe me, you’ve been exposed to his work at some point. His arguably most viewed work was probably the Star Trek episode, “The City on the… read more

According to new reports, Clive Barker is in talks to reboot Nightbreed as a TV series over at Syfy. Based off of a short-story called Cabal, the property was turned into a feature film in 1990 under the name Nightbreed. Since then the property has been pretty silent. According to the report from Deadline, Barker… read more

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Following on the news that Star Trek: Discovery has changed showrunners again, CBS seems to have big plans. And it may even mean the return of a fan favorite. According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS has signed a new $25M deal extension with Alex Kertzman. This new deal will also see Kurtzman developing new Star… read more

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Star Trek Discovery has gone through yet another shakeup. As production was wrapping up its fifth episode, According to The Hollywood Reporter, Arron Harberts and Gretchen Berg have been let go from the series. The reason given was “leadership and operational issues” which is said that they were becoming “increasingly abusive.” This is the second… read more

In the ongoing fight to save canceled shows, Netflix has stepped in at the last possible moment to save the canceled series Lucifer. How last minute? As of Friday night, the actors would have been released from their contracts. Lucifer was canceled in May by Fox, but the executives at Warner Brothers immediately tried finding it… read more

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The road to television is not an easy one, a lesson that the Heathers series has just learned. Even if season 1 is in the can, and scripts are ready for season 2, the unexpected can and will happen. Based on the 1989 film of the same name, Heathers was going to be a satirical… read more

Once a staple of network television, the time has come for them to do away with season cliffhangers. We no longer need an enticement to come back the next season, we’ll be back, don’t leave us hanging. Amongst the shows canceled this season, Fox put the axe to Lucifer. While certainly not high-brow entertainment, it… read more

While not as harsh as previous years, this was still not a good year for cancellations on the TV networks. With the cancellations over, and the upfronts completed showing off the new series, it’s time to look over what happened at the networks this season. Networks ABC – 13 CBS – 7 Fox – 6… read more

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The dust has settled from all of the 2018 upfronts, so now it’s time to see how your week of television watching will shape up come this fall. Be sure to check out all of the upfront breakdowns for descriptions of the new shows. ABC CBS FOX NBC The CW There’s a lot happening on… read more

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CW has announced its 2018/2019 schedule, and there are a few scheduling changes and a peppering of new shows, as well as an all-new sixth night of programming!. New shows are in all caps, and all times are Eastern. SUNDAY 8PM Supergirl 9PM CHARMED MONDAY 8PM Legends of Tomorrow 9PM Arrow TUESDAY 8PM The Flash… read more

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