On Monday it was finally made completely official, has been sold. With it went some of the social assets, but not the entire company. As to what is happening to me work wise, more on that in a moment, but first, here is Jon Rettinger to explain the big picture. At to what happens… read more


January 6 2019

Following My Own Rules

I didn’t mean to do a series on work-related stuff, but here we ware. With tomorrow being the first full week of work since the holidays, and 40 days to Toy Fair, I’m going to start emailing my contacts on Monday to book appointments. What am I not going to do? Email them in the… read more


January 5 2019

A Few Notes on Email

In an average day, I receive between 100 and 200 emails. That’s just part of my life, but as of late, I have three massive complaints. You know that awesome idea you have to auto send the email at 9am in your time zone so it comes in just as I start my workday? Remember,… read more

These three day weeks were awesome… unless you were trying to get actual work done. It made sense with the holidays being on Tuesdays to take Monday off, but then so many people took both weeks off totally that you could get nothing done. If you thought this year was wack, just think about next… read more

Ah, the holidays. A time for family and… getting absolutely no work done. Trying to get anything done this week has proved problematic at best. This is what my week has turned into: Send email Sit and wait for autoreply that tells me you’re out of the office Place bets of what date it says… read more

PR agencies are laying siege to my inbox… and I don’t like it. This is one of my least favorite weeks of the year. As Black Friday has become more and more of a thing the world over, the number of emails that arrive in my inbox looks like an ancient castle siege – hence… read more

As you read this, I’m in San Diego for Comic-Con 2018. Let the madness begin. As we’re down here make sure to check out all of the San Diego Comic-Con 2018 coverage on The Nerdy. The site is still young, but we’ll do as much coverage as we can. I have some amazing appointments lined… read more

It is a distinct pleasure to announce the launch of TechnoBuffalo’s second website, The Nerdy. For the better part of three years I’ve been working on getting this together in quiet. From a monster document, to talking with old contacts, to trying to figure out how I run two sites at once, this has been… read more

Toy Fair 2017 was a success for TechnoBuffalo, and that means that I’m heading back for another round of walking the floor of the Javits Center. As you read this I’m about to head to the airport and start making my way to New York for a week. First a couple days of meetings, then… read more

Toy Fair 2017 officially ends today, but I visited my last booth yesterday. Today I’m in my hotel room writing up more posts for TechnoBuffalo, getting ready to go to some business meetings here in New York City and editing what feels like an endless stream of pictures. (And bemoaning how much my legs hurt… read more

It’s amazing how life can be circular sometimes. Long before I had this site I had a five year run of writing for print magazines (remember those?) as one of the leading experts on action figures. I worked for a couple different magazines, and there was a short period where every toy price guide in… read more


January 4 2015

CES 2015 – Here We Go

It’s that magical time of year again, it’s time for CES. As you read this I’m already on the ground in Las Vegas for CES 2015. Even though the show doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, we have advanced briefings today, so myself and a few members of the team came in yesterday. It’ll be a… read more

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