Business Work

August 4 2005

19 years

I can’t believe it took me all day to realize this, but I officially opened my business, Splash Page Comics/AnimeUSA, 19 years ago today. (For those who have never looked, you can also check out my Yahoo Shopping store, Ebay store and Amazon zshop! My favorite is the Yahoo store.) We have undergone a ton… read more

It is amazing how fast my plans change. I went from waking up grumpy this morning (AC broke down, was over 80 degrees in my house at 2 AM last night), and with no plans of going anywhere until late August, and not sure what was going on with my new companies first big product.… read more

General Rants Work

April 21 2005

Junk Faxes

ARGH! I am so sick and tired of “junk faxes”! In the past 24 hours, not only has the company fax machine recieved 5 of them, 1 of them errored out 3 times causing 3 seperate error reports to be printed! Here is a sample of what these lovely things advertise, if you have never… read more

AH….you know, filing for something as important on a trademark on your new companies name should be a lot easier than it is, but instead it is an enormous pain in the behind. Instead I get to tear my hair out and run screaming into the night. Class? What class do I fall into? Someone… read more


April 12 2005

Good good day

My new company landed a huge account…just wish I could talk about it!… read more

ICv2 News – Viz Covers Up ‘I”s’ This irks me to no end. It looks like American’s can’t handle nipples. So when Viz Publishing brought over the series “I’s” from Japan, they decided they had to place stars over the nipples in the book. Why is it just about anywhere else in the world people… read more

Yahoo! News – Self-Service Hotel Check-In to Increase This is either going to be the greatest thing to ever happen to business or travel OR the biggest headache ever. I will reserve judgement until I get to use it once for myself, but I do have some fears of the headaches.… read more


February 22 2005

Getting so close…

Got our LLC papers for the new company today. Now, on to the business license, checking account, trademarking, manufacturing, shipping….yeesh…seems like forver until we get a product out!… read more


April 22 2004


I love the movie Clerks for one line “This job would be great if it wasn’t for the customers.”… read more

General Work

December 12 2003


I guess it takes me getting sick to get me to post a new entry. (although I still doubt anyone is even reading this thing) Not a whole lot going on, business still sucks. Not sure what happened there. Things were going great up through August, and then came September and it all went to… read more

General Work

October 8 2003


I warned ya it would be awhile between updates. I have been the only one in the office for 3 weeks, so life has been a WEE bit hectic. ACK!… read more


September 19 2003


Somedays it just really doesn’t pay to get out of bed. I hate UPS I hate employees I hate the weather AAAARRRRGGGHHHH MUST KILL… read more

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