We’re going to be getting Star Wars movies for the rest of our lives it would seem. Lucasfilm announced on Tuesday that it has hired David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the pair behind Game of Thrones, to lead a new ‘series’ of Star Wars films. I put series in quotes as there was no indication… read more

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The first trailer has arrived for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and I’m still not completely sold. There are certain parts of the Star Wars universe that you just don’t mess with, and one of those is the idea of anyone other than Harrison Ford playing Han Solo. That is no reflection on Alden Ehrenreich… read more


And the jungle returns to the top of the box office. Jumanji returned to the top of the box office on this quiet weekend with $11M. It now sits at $352.64M domestic and $855.74M global off of a $90M budget. Coming in second was Maze Runner: The Death Cure with $10.2M for a new domestic total… read more

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CBS is apparently where no original ideas are no longer needed. Variety is reporting that four drama pilots have been ordered, and amongst them is a new take on James Ellroy’s novel, L.A. Confidential. The book was made into a film in 1997 starring Kim Basinger and tells the tale of an actresses life intersecting… read more


Another Stargate series? Really? Didn’t we all get tired of the various Stargate series? I watched all of SG-1, but with Atlantis, I started burning out. Now, somehow the decision has been made to make a Stargate-specific streaming service. Well, maybe a fresh series about the origin of the Stargate in the 1930s will help… read more

It’s 2018 and it is time for everyone to just realize we are living in the golden age of comic book movies. There was a time where I was actually excited for the Dolph Lundgren¬†Punisher movie. (And then I saw it…) I was excited because no one was doing comic book movies. Sure, we had… read more


Ever wondered what Metropolis was like before Superman arrived? Yeah… me neither. Warner Brothers Digital has given a 13-episode straight-to-series order for Metropolis, a new series for the upcoming DC Digital Service. The series is from Gotham producers Danny Cannon and John Stephens. While Gotham follows a proto-Batman, Clark Kent/Superman will be completely absent from… read more


It looks as though all the things are going to shrink and grow this time around. The first Ant-Man film was a lot of fun, but as we all know, the second films in most series suffer. Luckily, it appears as though Ant-Man and the Wasp is going to be bringing some new things to… read more


When you can get Tom Hanks to play a role, any consideration to how much he looks like the person goes out the window. Director Marielle Heller (Diary of a Teenage Girl) is helming a biopic of Fred Rogers, better known to the world as Mister Rogers. The new film, You Are My Friend, will… read more


A trilogy finally comes to an end with a quiet opening. Coming in first was Maze Runner: The Death Cure with $23.5M off of a $62M budget, the lowest opening of the series. Jumanji¬†came in second this weekend with $16.4M. It now sits at $338M domestic and $822M global off of a $90M budget. Third… read more

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It’s going to get a bit more confusing knowing what decade you live in if you watch a lot of CBS. Hawaii Five-0 unleashed a horrible beast at CBS it would seem. With the success of that reboot, and an increasingly crowded scripted TV market, the Eye network is just plumbing the depths of its… read more

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Steven Spielberg seems to still be all for doing a fifth Indiana Jones film. Let us never forget the horror that is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull… Although Spielberg has already sent out a casting call for a remake of West Side Story (Why?), The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that the… read more


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