As much as I want to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge when it opens at Disneyland or Disney World, it is clear it is going to be insane when it comes to crowds. Just how insane? There will be bathroom passes to get out of line for the rides and use the facilities. You will… read more


April 6 2019

James Gunn is getting ready to make The Suicide Squad, which is a reboot of the franchise. Oh, but Margot Robbie will be back to play Harley Quinn, but other than that… total reboot. Producer Peter Safran has made that crystal clear. Okay, Jai Courtney might come back as Captain Boomerang, but it’s not a… read more

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is out promoting Pet Sematary, and in that process, his other upcoming projects are being asked about.  Amongst those are The Meg 2, and McClane – probably the final Die Hard movie – but my interest is in G.I. Joe 3. Yes, I admit the first two weren’t great, but the second… read more


Netflix has announced the cast for Cowboy Bebop. It looks like this is actually going to come together, but all I can keep thinking is, “Man, this is not going to be a cheap series.” I’m not talking the cast, I’m talking the sets. First, you have the Bebop itself. It’s a pretty large ship,… read more


Do you remember in your childhood (depending on your age) when a movie would be about to start and you’d hear a hiss and then a pop from the audio? It happened with every movie, and it is something I will never unhear. All the Joker trailer was missing was that hiss-pop. With the way… read more


Avengers: Endgame tickets went on sale Tuesday morning. Sites crashed. Showings sold out in minutes. And now people are scalping movie tickets – for a general release film – on eBay for hundreds of dollars. You all do realize it will be the same movie a week later, right? It’s not going to change or… read more

Not every top movie is always a celebration when it misses its targets. The top spot this week went to Dumbo with $45M, but that fell short of projections. Combined with foreign box office it sits at $116M. Us took second this weekend with $33.6M for a new domestic total of $128.22M. Globally it has… read more

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Most online writers try to follow some form of stylebook. The helpful guide that tells us when to use a semi-colon for instance. When is it appropriate to abbreviate? And so on. A lot of us use the AP Stylebook. There are times we just laugh at them and do as we want (Sorry, but… read more

Welcome to the third part of an analysis of every major film release of 2019. Following up on last year’s project, I’m back with a look at the films of 2019, but with some more changes. Gone is the quarterly analysis, it will now be down to monthly reports. They will be published the last… read more

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When I first heard about Pennyworth – a prequel series for Batman’s butler – I couldn’t imagine a sillier idea. Now the trailer is here, and I’m definitely intrigued. Set in the 1960s, Alfred Pennyworth is a 20-something man who has just gotten out of the British SAS and opened his own security firm. Now… read more

I am a Godzilla snob. Yep, I admit it, I like my Godzilla pure. The last U.S. film did not sit well with me, but I have to say, it looks as though Godzilla: King of the Monsters may be getting it right. A new extended TV spot has arrived, and it just looks all… read more

The new Twilight Zone will premiere on Monday, and that means a new trailer has arrived. CBS released a new Twilight Zone trailer, and I just still can’t get a handle on how I feel about this. I have seen all of the original episodes multiple times, and would gladly watch any of them multiple… read more


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