Lucasfilm showed off the first official image from Star Wars: The Mandalorian as well as announcing several big names coming on board to direct episodes. Folks… this is an audition. Star Wars has had a run of issues with directors. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story needed reshoots. Solo: A Star Wars Story needed a… read more

The speculation can now end as Jon Favreau has revealed the premise for his upcoming Star Wars TV series. Favreau made the announcement on his Instagram account this week, and it seems all of the leaks were correct. View this post on Instagram #starwars #TheMandalorian A post shared by Jon Favreau (@jonfavreau) on Oct 3,… read more


Netflix has announced that it has acquired the rights to C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia for movies as well as a series. Oh good… we’re going to try this again. There have been multiple adaptations of the first book – The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe – and a few have gone beyond that… read more


It looks as though The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will deal with all the usual high school stuff: dating, mean girls, turning 16… zombies, blood rites, raising the dead. You know, the usual stuff. There’s a part of me that is all for this show, and there is a part of me that wonders why… read more


The fall season is swing, and that means you aren’t ever quite sure what will win the weekend. First place went to Night School with $28M off of a $29M budget. Smallfoot opened in second place with $23M domestically and $15.6M foreign for a total of $38.62M. Third place this weekend went to The House… read more

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We’ve taken a look at each of the films of the 4th quarter of 2018, but how is each month going to break down? Who will we be singing the praises of, and which films will be leading to studio executives packing up their offices? Lets take a look. October October 5 A Star is… read more

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Welcome to the last part of an analysis of every major film release of 2018. Following up on last year’s project, I’m back with a look at the films of 2018. And as usual, I will be breaking it down by quarters and then an overall review. I prefer the new method of doing these… read more

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Deadpool 2 is heading back to theaters with a lower rating of PG-13, and apparently, that has sent the entire Fox schedule into a tailspin. Ryan Reynolds announced on Friday that Deadpool 2 was on its way back with an adorable Instagram post. View this post on Instagram Merry Christmas, Fred. ⚔️ A post shared… read more

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The X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer arrived, and it is not filling me with hope. Let me be clear, I loved X-Men: First Class. X-Men: Days of Future Past wasn’t as good, but still enjoyed it. X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse was horrible. When I heard Dark Phoenix was up next, one of the most powerful storylines… read more


September 26 2018

I was shocked how much I enjoyed Creed when it came out. It worked, though, and when a sequel was announced I was all for it. Then I heard Dolph Lundgren was back as Drago from Rocky IV. What? The villain of one of the two worst Rocky movies? Well, seeing as he killed Creed’s… read more


Michael Bay never seemed to understand the Transformers franchise, but it certainly looks like with him out of the director’s chair we may have hope again. For some unknown reason, Bay completely changed the look and feel of the Transformers throughout his movies and made it feel like if you came anywhere near them they… read more


Things changed significantly this weekend, and not in a good way. First place this weekend went to The House With a Clock in its Walls with $26.85M off of a $42M budget. A Simple Favor had a healthy hold dropping 35 percent and taking in $10.4M. Domestically it has hit $32.56M and $10M foreign for… read more

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