Last night, George Lucas screened Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith for the press out at his Skywalker Ranch. According to this article, this movie is “not for kids”….why are people surprised by this? The last 5 films have had “kid friendly” elements, but come on folks, this is a series of movies about… read more


May 3 2005


I looked all day for something to write about…nothing…nada…zip…zero…I’m converting all my CDs to MP3 finally…is that exciting?… read more

Could someone PLEASE tell me why anyone would care about this runaway bride story? Is there so little news going on that the news outlets are this desperate for a story? Yes, I understand the “24 hour news cycle”, the concept that with all these 24 hour news channels, there is a lot of air… read more

I normally don’t put such blatent ads for something on my site, but this is deserving Why is this deserving? Because I have known the author for almost 19 years and consider him a very dear friend, and I could not be more thrilled for him. You can see the site that started it all… read more

Well, this just might be some of the coolest news ever. We may finally have an actual picture of a planet outside of our solar system. (in the picture, it is the red “blob”) Up until now, we have discovered 130 or so instances of what we think might be planets, but never been able… read more

After 5 consecutive losses, Net Worth was down to 1 member to Magna Corps 3, so Trump allowed the remining Net Worther, Alex, to steal someone and he chose Tana. Which is kinda funny since it left Craig and Kendra as a team, and they hate each other. Yay…strife! So the task this week was… read more


Well what can you say? Reward was the always fun auction, just wish there had been more bad “prizes”. Was a little too easy on them I think. Immunity was just boring. Break ceramic tiles *yawn* Ian won, good for him…whatever. The heartbreak though, in a vote of 6-to-1, my Stephanie was banished….I really can’t… read more

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April 27 2005

The plot thickens

Thanks to my good friend Brenda (who actually clicked on a link for once!) she noticed the Desktop Apprentice is sold out! From the Staples website: Due to high demand, we’ve run out of the new Staples Desk Apprentice. We are producing more and we’ll be in stock in about 6 to 8 weeks. If… read more

The first trailer for Serenity just hit the web. If you are not familiar with it, it is a film sequel to the TV series Firefly. If you aren’t familiar with Firefly, buy the DVD set NOW! Only 10 of the 13 episodes aired, but all of them are on this DVD set. If you… read more

Seems the Boston Herald asked office workers what they thought of the Desktop Apprecnitce from last weeks “The Apprentice“. But what do reviewers have to say…let’s decipher shall we? “It looks like one of those fortresses from the Lord of the Rings,” said John Goll of Goll Insurance in Boston. Well…not so much a review… read more


April 25 2005

The Apocalypse Has Come

A little while ago I complained about the evil known as Rachel Ray on The Food Network. Now even the magazine section of your local store won’t be safe from her! Hide your children…seek shelter! “Fans of Rachael Ray, take heart. If watching her 27 times a week on one of her three Food Network… read more


April 24 2005

Music Fun

Post the names of 20 musicians. See who can guess which is your favourite track by each. Once someone guesses right, bold the musician and include the track. 1) The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: 2) Flogging Molly: 3) Madness: 4) Danzig: 5) Tori Amos: Cornflake Girl (guessed by mittens83) 6) The Kinks: 7) Depeche Mode: 8)… read more