Time for Amazing Race:Family Edition to come to an end. It was down to just the Weavers, Bransens and the Linzs left for these final legs. Everything got underway at 3:04 AM, with the Bransens opening their clue to find they needed to fly 1,700 miles to Montreal, Canada and find the Metropolitain train station.… read more



December 14 2005

Christmas Movies

With time running out, it’s time to discuss my recommendations for the traditional Christmas movies I always watch. A Christmas Carol – Patrick Stewart is a classically trained actor and he brings a powerful tone to the role of Scrooge. A fantastic version of this classic tale of Christmas spirit. A Christmas Story – Set… read more

Survivor Gautemala opened on the final four, Rafe, Stephanie, Danni and Lydia, waking up to day 37. Lydia received the tree mail and got overly excited about the possability Mayans would be visiting the camp. When I say overly excited, I mean OVERLY EXCITED. It was kind of scary actually. You have to give her… read more

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The Apprentice 4 opened this week with Donald Trump informing Randal and Rebecca that they were the last two candidates for the job of Apprentice. Their reward for making it to the final two was a private dinner with Trump’s lackeys Carolyn and George at Megu. As the dinner progressed, Carolyn informed them that they… read more


December 11 2005

Musical Characters

WOO-HOO!! You are Elphaba! You are a feirce GreenBall of awesomeness! there is nothing youcan’t’ do…except for taking a bath. what WICKED character are you? brought to you by Quizilla You’re Roger Davis. Your only wish is to write onegreat song to be remembered by. You don’tleave the house much, and you can’t formrelationships very… read more

The tribe members returned from ousting Judd on Survivor Gautemala and had to console Cindy over being left out of the loop on the voting. She had thought Lydia was going and couldn’t understand why she hadn’t been told. Everyone told her things were fine, but she was understandablly hesitant. We also learned Rafe is… read more

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Martha Stewart Apprentice started off this week with the five remaining players going over strategies for the next task and Jim being…you guessed it…Jim. He seems to think that jumping up and down on the kirchen counter would make others wonder about him and work into his stratagies. The next morning, the teams met with… read more

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December 13th brings us the Frank Miller’s Sin City (Recut, Extended, Unrated), meaning more ultimate black & white craziness. This movie rocked, and I have been dying for this extended version. December 20th is the release of Serenity, the big screen follow-up to the short-lived Fox Television series, Firefly. (What is it with Fox and… read more


December 7 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 11

When last we left the Amazing Race:Family Edition, the Weavers and the Bransenshad found Phil and been told that this leg of the race was not yet over. They opened their clues and got right back on the road and found they needed to drive 49 miles toward Dubois, WY and find Turtle Ranch. While… read more


Shameless advertisement time! Do you want to play DVDs from other counteries? How about converting PAL to NTSC format? Want to run your DVD player through your VCR, but that annoying Macrovision copy protection always screws it up? CyberHome CH-DVD 500 Progressive-Scan DVD Player is the player for you! Amazon has them on special right… read more

I knew last week that the show Reunion had been canceled, but I was hoping they may find a way to wrap it up. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it followed a group of six friends over 20 years. In 2005, one of them is killed the night of their 20 year… read more

The Apprentice 4 opened this week with Randal, Rebecca, Alla and Felisha celebrating with a dinner at Grand Central Station since they were now the final four. A major accomplishment on any reality show. They all knew that the next morning they would be back atwar for the ultimate prize. They met with Trump at… read more