Since this my 400th post (not days in a row), I thought it was time for a good old fashioned, totally random, rant. As anyone else as creeped out as I am by the Burger King? Egads I hate these commercials. It’s the way he just…APPEARS! He seems to mean malice to people, he’s creepy,… read more

General Rants

October 10 2005

Columbus Day

Ah, Columbus Day, the day we set aside each year to celebrate a lie. It always warms my heart. People tend to forget that Christopher Columbus wasn’t looking for North America when he landed here, he was looking for the West Indies. Quite the navigator there. He also believed, until his death, that the entire… read more


October 10 2005

South Asia Earthquake

I would be remiss if I did not bring up the South Asia Earthquake of this weekend. The death toll stands at 20,000 in Pakistan alone, and is expected to rise. India has reported 600 dead and Afghanistan is reporting four people so far. The hardest hit area is Pakistan controlled Kashmir, which has been… read more

Week 3 of the Apprentice 4started off with Excel Corp sure that Markus would be fired and Chris returning to the suite. Oops! It was amusing to watch their reactions though. There was a lukewarm reception for Markus, and a promise of a team that would work together harder. Toral and Rebecca returned from the… read more


Well, I salute Mark Burnett, he got me to pay attention to Survivor Gautemala finally this week. We started off learning that even though Nakum had the better camp, they were suffering from mosquitoes, heat and just being miserable. While Yaxha seemed relaxed in comparisson with just spending their time by the water catching minnows.… read more

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October 8 2005

A reminder post

Edited to add: He was later found dead of a self-inflicted gun shot wound.  Good riddance.  This is not a joke, a hoax or anything else. Have you seen this man? His name is Melvin Keeling and he murdered a 13 year old girl who was slated to testify against him in a sexual molestation… read more

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart week 3 started off with the quickly-becoming-familiar scene of Jim and Dawn returning to the suite after another round in the conference room. They were saved this time by the quitter’s attitude of Chuck. The rest of Team Matchstick sat eating dinner in the suite as they awaited the resuslts of Martha’s… read more

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October 6 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 2

Amazing Race:Family Edition chugs along with more wrong turns, yelling parents and silly passwords. The teams left the Rohrer Family Farm, the pit stop for leg one, and were instructed to drive to York, Pennsylvania and find Shoehouse Road, which, oddly enough, has the Haines Shoe House on it, and there they would find their… read more



October 5 2005

General poopiness

My laptop died last week, and sharing a computer with the family is not working out well. It looks like the new laptop won’t be here until next week sometime…lucky me. The Eustachian tube is an evil, evil part of your body. When it hurts, it screws up your entire head. Mine are enflamed right… read more

Week 2 of the Apprentice 4 kicked off with Kristi returning from the board room after her defeat of Melissa. She was a bit cockier than she deserved, but oh well. This week the teams were told to come up with an advertising campaign for Lamborghini. The men thought they were assured a win because… read more



October 3 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 1

It took me a week almost, but at last, I am ready to take a look at the first episode of Amazing Race:Family Edition. I am a huge fan of this show, and it probably ranks as my fave of all the reality shows. So when I heard this one was going to have family… read more


Somedays, things of such monumental stupidity are said that your mind just can’t really process it. Case in point being former Education Secretary William Bennett’s recent comments about how to lower the nations crime rate. On a recent episode of his radio show, Moring in America, a caller tried pointing out that if the country… read more