Wow….Ulong won reward challange! Yay…go Ulong! Oh wait a minute…it was only reward. Silly me. So off we go to immunity challange….oh Koror won that one….what a shocker! At least this time Ulong got rid of James. There really is nothing else to say. This losing streak of Ulong’s is just depressing.… read more

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March 23 2005


computer problems tonight…full post tomorrow… read more


March 22 2005

blast it

I have got to stop waiting until so late in the day to write my entries because this is what causes these stupid, little short entries. I want to hold to my at-least-one-a-day rule, but I am also getting annoyed with how short some of my enteries have been lately. And also, there has been… read more

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily! I am not sure how I missed out knowing about this site until recently. Some friends and I needed to transfer a bunch of video files to each other, and none of us wanted to kill our websites bandwidth limits. Enter 100% free, easy to… read more

Yahoo! News – Boondocks I don’t always agree with Boondocks, but their humor about Wal-Mart lately sure has me chuckling.… read more

Yahoo! News – Self-Service Hotel Check-In to Increase This is either going to be the greatest thing to ever happen to business or travel OR the biggest headache ever. I will reserve judgement until I get to use it once for myself, but I do have some fears of the headaches.… read more

Yahoo! News – Toys R Us Agrees to Buyout Deal I covered the toy industry for several years as a magazine journalist, so this news fascinates me. In paticular though, this part: “This is a day that toy manufacturers will be cheering. The last couple years have been bad news for the toy business,” said… read more


March 17 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 9

I hate recap episodes…what a waste of a week! Yes, we got to see extra clips of the Apprentice’s being cry babys…NOTHING NEW THERE! Oh well….guess nothing to really say until next week.… read more


Mark Burnett is an amazing, amazing bastard! Both teams go to tribal council, only one gets food and the losers have to watch the winners eat? OUCH! The challange was pretty tame…go out on a raft, dive in, bring up a Sake bottle, first team to 6 wins. Not a huge deal. Unless your name… read more

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I am *SO* stoked Rent is finally being made into a movie! Even better, they got the majority of the original Broadway cast to come back for it! I was lucky enough to see it in early 1997 when the original cast was still performing. I have lost count of how many times I have… read more

Entertainment News Article | I have been watching ER since episode 1 and haven’t missed a one of them. So that being said…just let it die. It was good, but it jumped the shark a LONG time ago. This season has been especially lackluster with only a few pearls tossed in. (The Cynthia Nixon… read more


March 13 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 8

Been a long weekend folks, but here I am finally with my weekly whining about The Apprentice. So it’s time for the corparate reshuffling to make the Book Smarts and the Street Smarts work together. Several changes were made, but as each is booted, I will tell you which side they were originally on. This… read more