Sorry for the delay folks. The day of the London bombings didn’t seem like the best day to post something so trivial as a summary of a reality show. This week on Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days, 24 year old Ryan Hickmott, a devout Christian, former Army soldier and conservative from Michigan, travelled to San Fransisco’s… read more


Just last night I was noticing how I have come to dread going to bed. I thought to myself, how that was happening more and more, and perhaps I should blog about it. I talked myself out of it, knowing it would only delay bed more. Ever since 9/11 I have had moments like this.… read more

In cases such as the attack in London this morning, the journalist in me kicks into action wanting to see how each channel covers the news story. Who is serving the public good by covering a news story such as this. During the press conference from London that happened around 10:30 AM EST, I flipped… read more

My condolonces to all affected by the cowardly attacks today in London. Please do not waste your time here, follow up what is going on at your news site of choice. BBC CNN Fox News Google News MSNBC Yahoo News… read more


July 6 2005


In Yahoo’s Buzz Index column today, they are talking about all the different wrist bands that are circulating nowadays. It seems another problem is popping up in that multiple causes are using the same colors. According to this article on the Arizona Repbulic site: “If you’re wearing a gray bracelet, for instance, it might mean… read more

Yahoo’s Tech Tuesday this week is all about how to enter the wild world of blogging. I know there are a couple people who read my blog/LJ who have expressed interest in starting their own blogs, but have yet to make the leap. This is an excellent primer with information on all the various free… read more

Old school punk! You just say what you have to sayregardless of what everyone else thinks!You’re one of my most favourite types ofmusic… You’re raw and uncut! You’resurrounded by hype…just don’t let it make yougo insane… What genre of rock are you? brought to you by Quizilla… read more

There just seems something very odd about NASA being excited about one of their probes crashing to destruction, but when you built it to do just that, I guess it’s a good thing. We launched Deep Impact to collide with the comet named Tempel 1, a 14 km wide snowball essentially. The hope is this… read more

You know, I am all for supporting Livestrong or (hence my banner for, but enough with the rubber wristbands folks. Like any other fad, you will all tire of them. First, you’ll just gradually stop wearing them. Then they will end up in the bottom of a drawer. Then, in a mad fit… read more


July 2 2005

Leg Burn Update

As some of you may remember, back on June 24th I blogged about my leg burn I got from a stupid pot pie. Well, some of you have been asking me how it is doing, so I thought I would give you an update. Again, just linking the pic for those who don’t want to… read more

I really don’t care much for celebrity news anymore, but after Tom Cruise’s insane ramblings on the Today show last week, this has just been too amusing to watch. Now, Brooke Shields is firing back at Cruise. This AFP article gives all the details. My favorite part though, that I have to point out, is:… read more

This week on Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days, 33 year old David Stacy, a die-hard Christian, moved from his home in West Virgina to Dearborn, MI to live as a Muslim. To give you an idea of his starting point, Morgan asks him what does he think of when he thinks of Muslims, his response is… read more