General Rants

December 5 2004


Could someone please explain to me why people go nuts for the Bawls drink? A store in my town finally started carrying it, and after hearing people rave about it for years, I bought one abd gave it a try. Yep…I love paying $1.49 for what tasted to me like a 7-UP that had gone… read more

What are they thinking? I read one article where this burger is 1420 calories! Are they insane? 107 grams of fat? Folks, I love a great burger, but this thing makes my veins hurt just looking at a picture of it!… read more


November 3 2004

It’s over…whew

Well I went quiet for a few weeks. Not out of lazyiness, but because my political colors were obvious in everything I tried to write. So, with that over now, we can resume our normal program schedule of infrequent updates:)… read more

WOW! Two stupid news stories in the same day WITH a common theme! This rocks! The first one relates to a high school senior who had his yearbook picture taken with his skeet shooting shotgun. (You can see the story here) The school informed him they couldn’t use that photo. After a compromise vote it… read more


October 9 2004


I could care less whom you want to vote for, all I ask is this…..VOTE!… read more


October 3 2004

State Of TV

I must be getting jaded. This TV season has left me SO underwhelmed that is amazing. Let’s take a look at a couple of my examples: Joey – Folks, I *barely* made it through the first episode. This was just a sad sad grasp at a follow up. the character of Joey worked in an… read more

Science & Technology

September 30 2004


Haven’t had much to say lately…just been busy. I may geekgasm tomorrow though…NAS box! (Network Additional Storage) If we aren’t careful we may start to look like a real company!… read more

The second hand if a knife…*tick* slice…*tick* slice…*tick* slice… read more

General Rants

September 19 2004

I’m *SO* Emo

You know, I hate “emo” blogs where people get all up inside their own head. That being said…somedays I don’t understand myself. There is something going on right now that I have so many mixed feelings about, and have no clue WHY the feelings are mixed. Oh well…resume what you were doing… read more


September 17 2004

Register To Vote

I hope that everyone who comes by here is a registered voter. If you aren’t, what’s keeping you from doing it? Don’t know where to go? It’s never been easier, just go here to get help registering online. I really don’t care who you vote for (well…actually I do, but that’s not the point here),… read more

General Japan

September 11 2004

Happy To Be Home

I just realized that I have had this blog for a year now, and this is only my 40th post…I really need to work on that. I am home from Japan. Happy to be “home”, but I would feel that way no matter where “home” was, it has nothing to do specifically with Missouri or… read more


September 1 2004


*SOB* I am mere hours from leaving Japan to head back to the USA *SOB* This trip has some real ups and downs, but it seemed to really come together towards the end. Things with my new company seem to be happening. Finally got some good buys for the regular old AnimeUSA, and some leads… read more