So, with the tales of the high school student who got in trouble for his cell phone call (post #1 and post #2) I mentioned that I had some bad history of my own with public schools, specifically Kirksville Senior High. For chuckles, here is the first one. (it is longish) In my Senior year… read more

Zero-Day Firefox Exploit Sends Mozilla Scrambling – Yahoo! News For those of us using Firefox, make sure to keep an eye on this story. There should be a patch released very soon to fix it. For now I wouldn’t worry TOO much as it takes several tricks to pull of the malicious code.… read more

Well, in a follow up to my post of the other day, it now appears that the school has not only reduced the student’s suspension, but also changed the story as to what happened. His suspension was reduced from 10 days to 3 days after the school was flooded with emails from irate people. Good… read more

Compared with a lot of shows signing off after six seasons, Third Watch got hardly any fanfare. No special episodes , no big interviews and hardly even ads letting you know it was on. Gee… and NBC wonders why it never got that many viewers. Hardly any advertising may have had something to do with… read more

I love American public school systems. They are so on top of things and so understanding. (someday I will blog on how I had to threaten a lawsuit to be allowed to graduate high school…it’s a fun story!) So according to this story, a high school junior, Kevin Francois, at Spencer High School in Columbus,… read more

When it gets down to the final three on The Apprentice, they go for interviews with executives from major coampnies who in turn give their opinions to Donald Trump. He then decides, based on that, who gets fired, leaving the final two to duke it out in a final task. The final three this time… read more


I thought Survivor was going to be boring with the departure of Stephanie last week, but boy was I wrong! Reward challange at this stage of the show always is interesting because it starts to give you insight to the pecking order of who will go first. So in a traditional “knock your tribe mates… read more

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Last night, George Lucas screened Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith for the press out at his Skywalker Ranch. According to this article, this movie is “not for kids”….why are people surprised by this? The last 5 films have had “kid friendly” elements, but come on folks, this is a series of movies about… read more


May 3 2005


I looked all day for something to write about…nothing…nada…zip…zero…I’m converting all my CDs to MP3 finally…is that exciting?… read more

Could someone PLEASE tell me why anyone would care about this runaway bride story? Is there so little news going on that the news outlets are this desperate for a story? Yes, I understand the “24 hour news cycle”, the concept that with all these 24 hour news channels, there is a lot of air… read more

I normally don’t put such blatent ads for something on my site, but this is deserving Why is this deserving? Because I have known the author for almost 19 years and consider him a very dear friend, and I could not be more thrilled for him. You can see the site that started it all… read more

Well, this just might be some of the coolest news ever. We may finally have an actual picture of a planet outside of our solar system. (in the picture, it is the red “blob”) Up until now, we have discovered 130 or so instances of what we think might be planets, but never been able… read more