Survivor Gautemala is just NOT catching me like past Survivors for some reason. The survivors just don’t seem that interesting this time, and for the first time, I am having trouble keeping stright who is who even! Yikes! We started off with the ravings of Brian about how he had maneuvered the vote from Lydia… read more

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October 1 2005


Yep, with SiteGround’s recent major uppage in my storage space, I bit the bullet and finally added forums to the site! Now, go…join…post! Make me not regret finally doing this!… read more

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart week 2 started off with Jim and Dawn returning to the suite after having survived their boardroom battle with Jeff. Jim was…well…boastful would be a tame term for his attitude. But on to the second task. The teams were assigned to open flower shops with the biggest dollar amount winning. Matchstick chose… read more

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September 29 2005

Delayed updates

Not that I doubt anoyone is that riveted to them, my reality show recaps are running behind because my laptop had to go to the shop yesterday when it just started randomly rebooting. So to help you all out. Dear lord, could *insert reality idiot’s name here* be any stupider? Needless to say *his/her* team… read more

I love the record companies. If ever there was a cess pool industry where bottom-feeders thrive, it’s at the record companies. They have been approaching Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, about raising the prices of songs in the iTunes store for the newer releases. They want them higher than $.99, but Steve Jobs has said… read more

Wow…could that title for Apprentice 4 be any longer? Probably not. Yes, I know this aired five days ago, but I was bored with it and not in the mood to write it up until today. Here we go again, time for The Donald to school us all in hair care…I mean…in business, yeah, business.… read more



September 26 2005


I know I missed “Katrina Sunday”, but there wasn’t much to say this week except that the ninth ward flooded again. Boy, Mayor Ray Nagin sure called it right asking everyone to come home so early didn’t he? As for Hurricane Rita, they are still discovering all the damage. Sadly, five people were found dead… read more

You Are a Sarariiman! Or “salaryman.” Whatever. Treadmill off, treadmill on. Most of the sleep you get is on Tokyo’s extensive subway system, since you are putting in 14 hour days. You’re a workaholic who works hard for no overtime. And vacations? Forget about it. You spend most of your trip hunting around for gifts… read more


September 25 2005

What food are you?

You Are Japanese Food Strange yet delicious. Contrary to popular belief, you’re not always eaten raw. What Kind of Food Are You?… read more


September 24 2005

Have you seen this man?

This is not a joke, a hoax or anything else. Have you seen this man? His name is Melvin Keeling and he murdered a 13 year old girl who was slated to testify against him in a sexual molestation case on his own daughter. This girl is related to a friend of mine. This is… read more


September 23 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 2

So we are two weeks into Survivor Gautemala and….I’m failry bored. Nakum won reward , which was fishing gear. Blake was still moping about due to his arm. Immunity was a tug-of-war in the mudd and Nakum won, sending Yaxha to tribal council. There was some brief discussion of sending Stephanie home, but in the… read more

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So, The Apprentice:Martha Stewart started last night. I’m not even sure where to start. It follows the same format as The Apprentice:Donald Trump (applicants, tasks, suite to live in, the boardroom and so on), but there are a few changes. The theme song is “Sweet Dreams” by The Eurythmics, instead of “You’re Fired”, the phrase… read more

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