February 22 2005

Getting so close…

Got our LLC papers for the new company today. Now, on to the business license, checking account, trademarking, manufacturing, shipping….yeesh…seems like forver until we get a product out!… read more

The New York Times > Arts > Television > ‘Simpsons’ Animates Gay Nuptials, and a Debate So The Simpsons talked about gay marriage….what is the problem here? As far as I can see, none. No matter how you view the subject of gay marriage, the issue was handled pretty deftly I thought. The episode ran… read more

Jeff Gannon, Bush’s Barberini Faun – Independent Media TV An excellent primer and commentary on the “Jeff Gannon” controversy of late. I can not say how much this whole situation turns my stomach. How did he get through the security check? How did he even get anywhere near the WH? And btw, my disgust has… read more


February 19 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 5

Wow, an episode of the Apprentice without a name barnd product tie-in? Was Trump not feeling well? That being said, it was an interesting challange. Each team was given $5000, a blank mobile trailer and a trailer construction crew to come up with a mobile business. Between 8 & 4 the next day they could… read more


February 18 2005

Survivor Palau Episode 1

Yes, I am a reality tv junkie. I admit it, get over it. So last night we were treated to the start of the 10th edition of Survivor, Survivor:Palau. It amazes me that Mark Burnett can still find new ways to twist this game. Sure, we have had the “only the clothes on your back”… read more

All X-Box owners need to read this immediately! Go to, select your country and look for the large recall notice… read more


February 17 2005


SIN CITY *drool* *slobber* must see… read more – New York Toy Fair 2005 – Powered by PhotoPost Not a huge fan of this site, but I do like seeing what is going on at Toy Fair. Back in my writing days I went to TF 1992 – 1998….I miss it.… read more

Toys & Video Games

February 17 2005

Team Work

If you are playing Halo 2 online, please remember something….teamwork. If you are playing Big Team Battle on Waterworks…cover the Wraith while it moves the boxes. It’s doing a job that helps everyone. Don’t run off while a Ghost is shooting it up….help it take out the Banshee…watch out for the rocket launchers…it is there… read more

Science & Technology

February 17 2005


Huge thanks to MacManX and Kafkaesqui for their help in figuring out my calander problem:)… read more

Well… Mambo is sweet, but it wasn’t working out for blogging like I hoped. So I am going to with WordPress for now. I have to admit, I have allowed the innovations in the web get away from me a little. I haven’t dealt with PHP files or MySQL databases at all. I had to… read more

Star Wars: Site Info | Survey Give your feedback on what you want to see the official Star Wars website do in the post Ep III times.… read more