Can you tell I am bored with these Big Brother updates since I now take days to write them up? It’s not so bad on things like Survivor or The Apprentice when it is only once a week, but three times a week is getting a bit annoying. I will continue for awhile, but then… read more


My friend Rachel is evil for pointing this song out to me. Evil woman. (and yes, I know the lyrics about men, but it still fits) “Single” – Natasha Bedingfield Ah yeah that’s right All you single people out there This is for you I’m not waitin’ around for a man to save me (Cos… read more

General Rants

August 5 2005


As some of you may have heard, it appears a 10th planet has been discovered in our solar system. From the NASA website ” It is currently about 97 times farther from the sun than Earth, or 97 Astronomical Units (AU). For comparison, Pluto is 40 AU from the sun.” It also has the lovely… read more

Business Work

August 4 2005

19 years

I can’t believe it took me all day to realize this, but I officially opened my business, Splash Page Comics/AnimeUSA, 19 years ago today. (For those who have never looked, you can also check out my Yahoo Shopping store, Ebay store and Amazon zshop! My favorite is the Yahoo store.) We have undergone a ton… read more

NO!!!!!!! The alliance of Maggie, Beau, Ivette, Jennifer and April have given themselves a name….”The Friendship”. *slams head repeatedly into his desk* Why? Why do the alliances need names? It just makes me hate you. Anyway, Power of Veto compeition had to do with throwing balls at a TV to get it to channel 5,… read more


The finale begins with a recap of each eviction since week one. Awwwww how cute! We get to watch the really moronic folks again! As the new footage starts, we pick up with the aftermath of Jessica’s eviction. After a brief reunion with their families, Michael and Ralph prepare for the final battle. The next… read more


So, Maggie has HoH, Alliance 2 is feeling their oats, time to nominate two of the Soverign 6. After many discussions, and a possible deal between Maggie and the pair of Rachel/Howie, Maggie nominates James and Kaysar. Food competition was The Match Game type scenario, and the house guests won real food for the whole… read more


This is one of those days.… read more

FINALLY! The show decided to get engaing! The house had been squarely divded into two alliances: Alliance 1: Kaysar, Janelle, James, Sarah, Howie and Rachel Alliance 2: Eric, Maggie, Beau, Ivette, Jennifer and April After veto, Eric and Maggie were the two on the block. As they are not allowed to vote for eviction, and… read more



July 29 2005

Yet anothere meme

Google “Your name is”, leaving in the quotation marks, and adding your own name– for example: “Sean is”. Then pick your top ten favorite responses. Or you can just go to 1. sean is ssooooo hottttt (well…duh!) 2. sean is a total wanker (hey!) 3. sean is using his british (bangers & mash please!)… read more

I helped a university student with research — won’t you do the same? Please go help my friend with her research assignment. This is strictly a survey, not one of my stupid meme/blogthings.… read more

Lots of shifting alliances, finally! Now Kaysar, Janelle, James, Sarah, Howie and Rachel have formed an alliance. With that plan in place, they decided to compete hard for the Power Of Veto to pull James off of the nomination block, and change the possible eviction nominee to Eric. The nice twist to this was it… read more