So here we are folks, time for Donald Trump to pick his third apprentice. As with last week, it was of course down to Kendra, from the original book smarts and Tana, from the original street smarts team. Well honestly, there is not much to recap this time. It was pretty obvious from the opening… read more


E3 is rocking the video game world this week with announcment galore! The console wars are back, and badder than ever. Microsoft – Nothing new here, we already know all about the Xbox 360, so you may move along. The only update being that it is backwards compatiable to Xbox 1. Thank goodness. Expected release… read more

So much to write about this week! YAY! Let’s start with one of my favorite subjects though, bad journalism. You all know I must be talking about the Newsweek article that reportedly led to 15 deaths in riots in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Now, Newsweek is retracting the story, and commenting on the why of what… read more

Well, Survivor Palau is over, and what an ending! The final four consisted of Ian, Jenn, Katie and Tom, and backstabbing flew! Ian told Katie and Jenn that if Tom lost immunity, they should vote him out. Well….he won. So good-bye Jenn. But on her way out, she let it be known what Ian had… read more

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The lid is off, the details are out, and the Xbox 360 appears to rock my socks….with one exception. …still no word if it is backward compatiable! What the…?! Oh well, let’s look at some of the spiffy features: Memory:512 MB of 700 MHz GDDR3 RAM This is going to make a HUGE difference in… read more

This is a difficult one to discuss because really nothing happened except for the final tasks. Basically we got to see Tana doing a lousy job, and hating her team, and Kendra doing what seemed to be a fine job and getting along with her team. I got the distinct feeling we were seeing some… read more


Firefox 1.0.4 is out with an extremely important security patch, make sure to click the button and go and grab it!… read more

Wow…this is turning into one of the more “No clue who will win” Survivor’s in quite awhile. Everyone has a target on them, and it is all going to come down to immunities. So everyone was still jumping around from last weeks alliance shifts. Ian and Tom were uncertain what Caryn’s new plan was. Katie… read more

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So after being issued a challange by an “Old High School Friend”, I finally checked on Fox’s series “House“. So challange accepted, I tuned into this weeks episode dealing with a man having a series of mini-strokes, Dr. House being forced into a date and an older couple over using Viagra. I liked the shows… read more

So, with the tales of the high school student who got in trouble for his cell phone call (post #1 and post #2) I mentioned that I had some bad history of my own with public schools, specifically Kirksville Senior High. For chuckles, here is the first one. (it is longish) In my Senior year… read more

Zero-Day Firefox Exploit Sends Mozilla Scrambling – Yahoo! News For those of us using Firefox, make sure to keep an eye on this story. There should be a patch released very soon to fix it. For now I wouldn’t worry TOO much as it takes several tricks to pull of the malicious code.… read more

Well, in a follow up to my post of the other day, it now appears that the school has not only reduced the student’s suspension, but also changed the story as to what happened. His suspension was reduced from 10 days to 3 days after the school was flooded with emails from irate people. Good… read more