The first trailer for Serenity just hit the web. If you are not familiar with it, it is a film sequel to the TV series Firefly. If you aren’t familiar with Firefly, buy the DVD set NOW! Only 10 of the 13 episodes aired, but all of them are on this DVD set. If you… read more

Seems the Boston Herald asked office workers what they thought of the Desktop Apprecnitce from last weeks “The Apprentice“. But what do reviewers have to say…let’s decipher shall we? “It looks like one of those fortresses from the Lord of the Rings,” said John Goll of Goll Insurance in Boston. Well…not so much a review… read more


April 25 2005

The Apocalypse Has Come

A little while ago I complained about the evil known as Rachel Ray on The Food Network. Now even the magazine section of your local store won’t be safe from her! Hide your children…seek shelter! “Fans of Rachael Ray, take heart. If watching her 27 times a week on one of her three Food Network… read more


April 24 2005

Music Fun

Post the names of 20 musicians. See who can guess which is your favourite track by each. Once someone guesses right, bold the musician and include the track. 1) The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: 2) Flogging Molly: 3) Madness: 4) Danzig: 5) Tori Amos: Cornflake Girl (guessed by mittens83) 6) The Kinks: 7) Depeche Mode: 8)… read more

Toys & Video Games

April 23 2005


Now sources are saying that Nintendo MIGHT debut the Revolution at E3. Fraid of missing the hoop-la are we? I admit I have a Game Cube, but of all my systems, it gets played the least. The controller looks like something Willy Wonka would have dreamt up with all it’s vividly colored buttons. So if… read more

I used to love Staples, we had one in Kirksville for 3 years, and then it went away…darnit. Anyway, this weeks Apprentice involved designing an improved product for Staples (in case you wondered why I just ranted about them) that would better organize an office. Yay…something near and dear to my heart! So with the… read more


Here it is boys and girls….the Xbox 360 (or Xbox 2 if you prefer) It sure as heck is a lot nicer looking than the old Xbox The 360 didn’t have to do much to be more attractive, that’s for sure. All the stats aren’t out yet, but first thing I notice on the 360…where… read more

Pretty good episode. Reward challange was nice to see them making the tribe fight each other for the reward. Always good to split up the power, make them question each other. The real drama was in the immunity challange. Nifty will power challange with the first person out being deserted for a night on an… read more

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April 21 2005


In 1971 (the year you were born) Richard Nixon is president of the US Charles Manson and 3 of his followers are convicted of multiple counts of first-degree murder An earthquake in California’s San Fernando Valley kills 64 people New York Times begins publication of classified Pentagon papers on US involvement in Vietnam The $70… read more


April 21 2005


You Know You’re From Missouri When… Everyone in your family has been on a “Float trip.” “Vacation” means driving to Silver Dollar City, Worlds of Fun or Six Flags. Down south to you means Arkansas. The phrase, “I’m going to the Lake this weekend,” can mean only one thing. You know what “Party Cove” is.… read more

General Rants Work

April 21 2005

Junk Faxes

ARGH! I am so sick and tired of “junk faxes”! In the past 24 hours, not only has the company fax machine recieved 5 of them, 1 of them errored out 3 times causing 3 seperate error reports to be printed! Here is a sample of what these lovely things advertise, if you have never… read more

AH….you know, filing for something as important on a trademark on your new companies name should be a lot easier than it is, but instead it is an enormous pain in the behind. Instead I get to tear my hair out and run screaming into the night. Class? What class do I fall into? Someone… read more