The Indianapolis 500 normally holds no interest for me, but I admit that the idea of Danica Patrick intrigued me. She is not the first woman to run the race, but she seemed to have a real shot at winning this race, so it got my attention. Then came the disgusting comments of some of… read more

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*very computery geekiness warning* For years now, all work has been concetrated on making computers faster (3.0 GHz, 3.2 GHz…whatever), well, since it doesn’t seem possible at this time to increase the clock speed of the chips, why not slap two chips into the same core instead? Works for me! Intel is now shipping the… read more

This is an interesting story. Let me say, the fact Shaq wants to help law enforcement is a noble pursuit, it is just the idea of Shaq…all 7’1″, 325-pounds of him…being “undercover”. And I really applaud his training to go after child predators online, but can you picture Shaq in a chat room typing: My… read more

This is a subject that won’t win me any fans I figure, but it has been eating at me for awhile, so…deal with it. I despise tipping. There, I’ve said it. Let me say first though, that no matter how much I may not like it, I still do it as it is expected by… read more

It seems two English folks wanted to live out their Star Wars fantasies, and thought filling a fluorescent tube with petrol (gasoline to those of us in the USA) was a darn good way to make a lightsaber. And as with any stupid act nowadays, they video taped it. Mark Webb (20) and Shelley Mandiville… read more

My little town (Kirksville,MO, for those who don’t already know) has one major problem: Wal*Mart. Wally World has been here FOREVER, since pre-1979 for sure when I moved here. We were an early store for sure as our store number is 189. Around 1992 we were upgraded to one of the first Super Centers. Even… read more

For those of you with Ebay or Pay Pal accounts, you have probably seen these stupid emails that tell you things such as: Become an eBay Power Seller You have added a new credit card home address! Account Access Limited! When you open them up, they look official (some more than others) and they will… read more

Absolutely nothing to report. Slept for 10 hours, which is unheard of for me, but boy does it feel good to be rested for once. Otherwise nothing really to report. Several entries planned for this week though.… read more

If you haven’t seen Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith, spoilers follow: This is not so much a review, as a nitpick session. 1. Why did Padme name the twins Luke and Leia? Did the names mean something to her? She didn’t know she was having twins (in that advanced of a society?), so… read more

I watch CSI each week, and normally I don’t say anything because it’s not THAT exciting of a show. (sorry folks, it’s the same thing each week) Well, I had some reservations about the scheme of Quentin Tarantino directing the season finale, but boy did it work. Following the story of CSI Nick Stokes (played… read more

So here we are folks, time for Donald Trump to pick his third apprentice. As with last week, it was of course down to Kendra, from the original book smarts and Tana, from the original street smarts team. Well honestly, there is not much to recap this time. It was pretty obvious from the opening… read more


E3 is rocking the video game world this week with announcment galore! The console wars are back, and badder than ever. Microsoft – Nothing new here, we already know all about the Xbox 360, so you may move along. The only update being that it is backwards compatiable to Xbox 1. Thank goodness. Expected release… read more