Toys & Video Games

February 17 2005

Team Work

If you are playing Halo 2 online, please remember something….teamwork. If you are playing Big Team Battle on Waterworks…cover the Wraith while it moves the boxes. It’s doing a job that helps everyone. Don’t run off while a Ghost is shooting it up….help it take out the Banshee…watch out for the rocket launchers…it is there… read more

Science & Technology

February 17 2005


Huge thanks to MacManX and Kafkaesqui for their help in figuring out my calander problem:)… read more

Well… Mambo is sweet, but it wasn’t working out for blogging like I hoped. So I am going to with WordPress for now. I have to admit, I have allowed the innovations in the web get away from me a little. I haven’t dealt with PHP files or MySQL databases at all. I had to… read more

Star Wars: Site Info | Survey Give your feedback on what you want to see the official Star Wars website do in the post Ep III times.… read more


February 15 2005

Still Busy

Sorry folks, still busy trying to learn everything about Mambo!… read more


February 14 2005


Trying to learn Mambo…more later.… read more


February 13 2005


Sadly I don’t have a lot to say right now, but I did promise myself I would make some sort of entry everyday. I’m researching CMS programs like Mambo to see if they will work for my company website. Working my way through the AFI Top 100 Films of the 20th Century (tonight is An… read more

Well this is interesting. There is a rumor going around that HP may buy Gateway, just like they bought Compaq a few years back. I used to be a big Gateway fan, but there customer service went to pot as they got bigger. I tried one Dell, and HATED it and then switched over to… read more

According to this news story, it seems school kids are now on the same level as cattle. Sutter, CA, a small town Northwest of Sacramento, has issued all of their students transmitters similar to those used on cows. As they walk into each room, and pass under an antenna, their teacher’s palm sized computer automatically… read more


February 10 2005


Ah, so the mess up on Apprentice 3 that brought both teams to the boardroom was that they were both idjits. Book Smarts did an overly sexually suggestive ad (suggested by Bree of all people) and Street Smarts just did a silly, run-on-the-mill ad. All of this led to Street Smarts Project Leader, Kristen, being… read more


February 9 2005


WE GOT IT! WE GOT IT! WE GOT IT! Wish I could tell you WHAT it is we got, but man am I thrilled! At long last, several years of work and hopes has paid off , and the adventure begins!… read more


February 8 2005

Oh the pain……

About four months ago I watched Super Size Me, the documentry by Morgan Spurlock about the nature of fast food. While not the perfect example of a documentry, it still spoke to me. Anyone who knows me knows I have always been overweight. I don’t enjoy it, I never have, and I have been working… read more