April 10 2005


writers block sucks….and no…it’s not on the blog I have the block.… read more

Why is Chris still there? Why why why???? Yes, Angie choked during the presentation, I agree. However, this is a team that was already a person down and one of the team has to go back to Best Buy to find the credit card he lost? And not only that….he was gone 2 & 1/2… read more


How? Someone just please tell me how a tribe can lose every single immunity challange. I am thrilled Stephanie survied the lame “start a fire” challange to decide which would leave, but beyond that….what a painful, painful episode. Oh, and Tom…don’t give orders you dumbass.… read more

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Yahoo! News – Guard Testifies He Saw Jackson Sex Acts This is a good example of something I have pondered about the Michael Jackson case: These employees claim to have seen Jackson doing inappropiate things with children….why did they not speak out at the time it happened? I understand non-disclosure agreements, threats of lawsuits and… read more

I had something really cool I was going to write about and they don’t have a website. How can you not have a website in this day and age?… read more

For those of you who do not know who Morgan Spurlock is, he did Super Size Me. This was the film where he ate nothing but McDonalds for 30 days. Totally changed my eating habits. Anyway, he is coming to the FX Network this summer with a show called 30 Days. I can not wait… read more

Vending machine dispenses free drinks during disasters – Engadget – A vending machine that switches to battery power to dispense drinks for free in a disaster. Would NEVER work in the USA, but in Japan, its a fantastic idea. This fits in well with a story I read on the other day about… read more

General Rants

April 3 2005


You know, I am sorry the Pope is gone, but I do not appreciate AOL Instant Messenger popping up a picture of his corpse on my news page today with no warning. First thing when I turn on my comp, AIM turns on, the news window pop-ups and “Well hello there corpse of the Pope!”… read more

Net Worth was down 5 to 3, so Trump told Net Worth to choose someone from Manga Corps to join them. They decided on Alex. Alex is one of those guys you know he’s on the reality show, but he has done nothing to stand out and make himself noticed. Oh well. Both teams had… read more


This has become in exercise in pain each week. Koror killed a shark and found the biggest clam I’ve ever seen. They are eating like kings. They also won the reward challange so they got food from that also. They are eating better than some people I know stateside with a job! Immunity…well…immunity was just… read more

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Yahoo! News – Oil Surges $2 on ‘Super-Spike’ Prediction Alright…two things to annoy me today…SWEET! According to this article, “experts” (I always love how people are called experts with no notice of WHY they are experts) predict that due to rising demand, crude oil could hit $100 a barrel. Folks, we are at $56 a… read more

ICv2 News – Viz Covers Up ‘I”s’ This irks me to no end. It looks like American’s can’t handle nipples. So when Viz Publishing brought over the series “I’s” from Japan, they decided they had to place stars over the nipples in the book. Why is it just about anywhere else in the world people… read more