In the continuing randomness of the things I post about, I thought today I would tackle spyware. We have all heard about it, we should all be concerned about it and all it does is eat up valuable computer resources. Recently I paid for a tech support visit by our local computer guys because my… read more

General Rants

January 13 2005

Blast you eBay!

eBay announced yesterday that as of February 18th they are incresing thier rates on a lot of their auctions. Here are some examples: Gallery Gallery fees will be raised from $0.25 to $0.35 per listing. 10-Day Duration The fee for 10-day duration listings will be raised from $0.20 to $0.40 per listing. eBay Stores The… read more

Anyone who knows me, knows that since I replaced my Commodore 64 with my first 286 12 mHz computer, I have been a die-hard PC man. Over the years though I have come to respect Apple for some of their very forward thinking. Yesterday though, they blew me away with two announcements. I have been… read more

I have been meaning to write about VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for awhile, and decided it was finally time. For those of you who have never heard of it, let me explain. VoIP is the method of being able to talk over the internet via your internet connection. Let me just say, if you… read more

Could someone, anyone, explain to me why Third Watch doesn’t get more recognition? While I grant everyone that most of TV is dribble, this show constantly impresses me with tight story lines, well rounded characters and some stellar performances. In particular, tonight’s episode was wonderful. Resolving a story line dealing with the murder of Ty… read more

First of all, happy new year to everyone. Secondly, now I have a fresh problem. There have been WAY to many things to write about that I keep getting delayed while thinking about which items I should write about. Thirdly…..give until it hurts.… read more


December 21 2004


I don’t normally get THAT excited about movie trailers, but I have watched this one *eight* times already, and I am about to watch it again! I am *SO* ready to see this movie!… read more

1952’s High Noon is considered by many to be the first “adult” Western. A Western that finally addressed bigger subjects than simple good vs. evil, white vs. black. Marshal Will Kane (Gary Cooper) has just married a Quaker named Amy (Fowler) Kane (Grace Kelly) and is giving up his post as Marshall in Hadleyville to… read more

Figured I might as well post my occasional movie reviews I write for the heck of it 1967’s Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner probably raised more than a few eyebrows at the time of it’s release. Sadly though, if you can not put yourself in the mindset of that time, the potential emotional impact of… read more

I had just been thinking “Wow…there has been NOTHING to comment on lately.” Then, like a gift from on-high came this little gem. Thank you Philadelphia! It seems that 10 year old Porsche Brown has committed that most heinous of all crimes…she had scissors! *pauses so the audience can stop gasping* Yes, I can see… read more

General Rants

December 5 2004


Could someone please explain to me why people go nuts for the Bawls drink? A store in my town finally started carrying it, and after hearing people rave about it for years, I bought one abd gave it a try. Yep…I love paying $1.49 for what tasted to me like a 7-UP that had gone… read more

What are they thinking? I read one article where this burger is 1420 calories! Are they insane? 107 grams of fat? Folks, I love a great burger, but this thing makes my veins hurt just looking at a picture of it!… read more