Entertainment News Article | I have been watching ER since episode 1 and haven’t missed a one of them. So that being said…just let it die. It was good, but it jumped the shark a LONG time ago. This season has been especially lackluster with only a few pearls tossed in. (The Cynthia Nixon… read more


March 13 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 8

Been a long weekend folks, but here I am finally with my weekly whining about The Apprentice. So it’s time for the corparate reshuffling to make the Book Smarts and the Street Smarts work together. Several changes were made, but as each is booted, I will tell you which side they were originally on. This… read more


Yahoo! News – Doonesbury bwahahahahahaahaha Nice Apptentice slam… read more


March 12 2005


Well I finally went and did it and missed an entry *hangs head in shame* I have a good excuse though! An old high school friend I hadn’t talked to in 7 years called me late last night to go out. I got home at 5:15 AM…..I am in so much pain… read more

I…just….what…how…can…any tribe…be…this FREAKING STUPID? I am not even going to mention Koror this time…It’s pointless! Ulong, with the exception of Angie and Steph, should just be lined up and shot. So when they did lose immunity….AGAIN….why didn’t they kick out James? Yes, Kim does nothing, but at least she isn’t a screaming, bossy pain in… read more

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March 9 2005

The woman pictured above is Rachael Ray. She hosts three shows on The Food Network. They are $40 A Day, 30 Minute Meals and Inside Dish. So why am I writing about her you may ask. It’s an easy answer…..I CAN NOT STAND HER! Has there ever been someone on tv that the moment you… read more

Moviefone: ‘Sin City’ Movie Exclusives A new Sin City trailer…my keyboard is now covered in drool. I *hate* getting this hyped for a movie, but *fans himself* I so have to see this!… read more

Welcome (back) to ‘Deadwood’ This folks, is poetry. Any thing I could ever say about Deadwood would falter in comparison to this review. If you read no other part of the review though, you must see this: “It is, in no particular order, a western, a gangster picture, a political drama, a lewd farce and… read more

Yahoo! News – Boondocks Just to funny not to see… read more

With a whack-whack here and a whack-whack there, here a whack, there a whack everywhere a whack-whack. That is the sound of me whacking Net Worth in the back of their collective heads. Back to the random business concept, this week it was mini-golf. Yeah, whatever, fine. Still can’t decide if I like the product… read more



March 4 2005


Apprentice review tomorrow…got swamped… read more

Ulong, Ulong, Ulong! What is with you?!?!? You have won 2 reward challanges in a row, but you can’t win an immunity challange to save your lives! Yes, Jeff injured himself before the challange, but you could have still won the immunity challange if you had used ANY strategy. (and btw, both challanges rocked tonight!… read more