March 2 2005


Wow, I have like NOTHING to say today! Seriouslly! I have had no time to read the news, nothing. Um….bunnies are soft?… read more


March 1 2005

NYPD Blue has certainly been a hit and miss show over the years, but no one could ever fault Dennis Franz. His portrayal of Det Andy Sipowicz was a job most actors would kill for. From day one, Andy was not a likable guy. He was an ass, a chauvenist, an alcaholic and not very… read more

General Rants

February 28 2005

Today Has SUCKED!

Wasn’t sure where to put this, so when all else fails, “Anything Goes” seems a safe place;) So first off I wake up feeling all depressed. Not sure why, might have had something to do with the wrong number at 6:30 AM. Who knows. The warm weather has snapped and we are in the teens… read more


February 27 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 6

Another week, another product placemant! WHOOP! After last weeks non-product placemant challange….it just felt like there was something wrong with the world. Hooray for Sony Playsation stepping in with the challange to do street grafitti on a large wall in Harlem to promote Gran Turismo 4. Yes, let’s drop a majority white crew of business… read more

Yahoo! News – Kan. Police Make Arrest in BTK Killings Anyone who knows me knows that I am fascinated by serial killers. I don’t want to be one, don’t think they are great guys, I just find the psychology amazing. BTK though…this guy doesn’t fit the traditional mold. He almost seems to have desired the… read more


February 25 2005

Survivor Palau Episode 2

Weird, weird episode. Let’s see, we had Angie bowl over EVERYONE in the reward challange. Young, old, in-shape, out-of-shape…good for her. And it certainly got her head off the chopping block for the potential of boot out in this episode. Koror found their flint, how I have no clue. After tons of effort though they… read more

My Mother and I purchased XM Radio for my Father for Christmas. At the same time I got myself the online account so I could at least listen to the music channels. All I can say is I love it. I must admit that I stay on Fungus 53, the Ska/Punk/Hardcore station 99% of the… read more

Yahoo! News – Firefox Reaches 25 Million Downloads W00t! Firefox is over 25 million downloads! Just yesterday I uninstalled Netscape on all my machines. Mind you Netscape was my browser of choice since day 1 of being on the web. Sorry folks…Firefox has totally won me over.… read more


February 22 2005

Getting so close…

Got our LLC papers for the new company today. Now, on to the business license, checking account, trademarking, manufacturing, shipping….yeesh…seems like forver until we get a product out!… read more

The New York Times > Arts > Television > ‘Simpsons’ Animates Gay Nuptials, and a Debate So The Simpsons talked about gay marriage….what is the problem here? As far as I can see, none. No matter how you view the subject of gay marriage, the issue was handled pretty deftly I thought. The episode ran… read more

Jeff Gannon, Bush’s Barberini Faun – Independent Media TV An excellent primer and commentary on the “Jeff Gannon” controversy of late. I can not say how much this whole situation turns my stomach. How did he get through the security check? How did he even get anywhere near the WH? And btw, my disgust has… read more


February 19 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 5

Wow, an episode of the Apprentice without a name barnd product tie-in? Was Trump not feeling well? That being said, it was an interesting challange. Each team was given $5000, a blank mobile trailer and a trailer construction crew to come up with a mobile business. Between 8 & 4 the next day they could… read more