Michael Eisner has to go. It is official. No matter how you look at it, the man has become an unqualified dunce. The man DID, at one time, do great things for the Disney corp, but now he is not even a shadow of his former self. The kicking out of Roy Disney. The loss… read more


April 22 2004


I love the movie Clerks for one line “This job would be great if it wasn’t for the customers.”… read more


April 4 2004


I hate having my hands tied, and in some ways this blog is starting to make me feel that way. There are several things I would like to comment on, but I can’t because of my belief that a business owner should be impartial. There are several companies *I* won’t deal with because I don’t… read more

Somedays it is just too easy. Somedays my blog entries are just written for me, and all I have to do is post the link for you. This is one of those. Ok, first off, click here. Now, in case the link goes dead, here is the summary. It seems a 15-year-old girl in Pennsylvania… read more

So McDonalds is discontinuing the Super Size option. (story here) So you mean to tell me that no longer will you be allowed to spend an extra $.39 for about 10 more french fries and a few more ounces of watered down Coke? Wow….just watch the waist lines of America change overnight! Wowzers! Talk about… read more


March 1 2004

Awards Shows

Deserving of the awards or not, if your film was up for 11 Oscar’s, wouldn’t you take the time to properly groom yourself? I mean, I’m no fashion plate, but if I was going to be seen by close to a billion people in 50 some languages, I think I would at least comb my… read more


February 16 2004

Poor Me!

Was there a law passed at some point that I missed? Where in the world is it written that everyone must use their blog or Live Journal to moan “Poor me! POOR POOR ME!” I have gotten to the point where I am just fed up with reading anyone’s blog. (The irony I am writing… read more


February 16 2004

Oh Canada….

You gotta love the web somedays. Ok, as everyone knows, President Bush was arrested and convicted of a DUI when he was 30 (proof here). Flashforward to the present day. Someone showed me this on the Canadian Embassy website (exact page here): Persons Who Are Inadmissible to Canada Persons who have been convicted of a… read more


February 3 2004

I’m not sure when it happened, or really how it even happened, but I have come to a realization about myself….My name is Sean and I am a Disney addict. Now don’t go thinking my house is covered in Mickey Mouse, it’s not. I can no longer deny it though, I truly love the works… read more

I never promised TIMELY entries. Anyway, I just LOVE this one (story here). Ok, this is either really bad reporting or there is a huge loophole in this. It says in the story ” Tourists and business travelers on short visits from 27 mostly European nations are exempt from the new measures.” A) If this… read more

General Work

December 12 2003


I guess it takes me getting sick to get me to post a new entry. (although I still doubt anyone is even reading this thing) Not a whole lot going on, business still sucks. Not sure what happened there. Things were going great up through August, and then came September and it all went to… read more


November 22 2003


They say that Bing Crosby’s White Christmas is one of the top sellling singles of all time. Has anyone ever wondered though how many copies of that song they sell in the SOUTHERN hemisphere? You know, considering it’s their Summer during Christmas.… read more