I am a Godzilla snob. Yep, I admit it, I like my Godzilla pure. The last U.S. film did not sit well with me, but I have to say, it looks as though Godzilla: King of the Monsters may be getting it right. A new extended TV spot has arrived, and it just looks all… read more

The new Twilight Zone will premiere on Monday, and that means a new trailer has arrived. CBS released a new Twilight Zone trailer, and I just still can’t get a handle on how I feel about this. I have seen all of the original episodes multiple times, and would gladly watch any of them multiple… read more


Hi there. Sean Aune here, professional internet person. I just wanted to take a moment to inform companies what a damned pain in the ass their trend of naming things “something+” is. See, search engines can’t see the “+” symbol. So, for us to write about your service, we have to write it out as… read more

Jordan Peele seems to be on fire with his second horror film. Us took the top spot at the box office this weekend with $70.25M. Globally it has hit $86.95M off of a $20M budget. Coming in second was Captain Marvel. The film took in $35.02M domestic for a new total of $321.49M. The global… read more

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I love learning weird little things about filmmaking. The latest thing I’ve learned about it a business that has one job in life: Impersonate every aspect of taking a trip by plane. All this time I just figured studios rented planes, and for airports, I figured they just went and rented small airports at odd… read more

Remember your high school putting on plays? I’m going to tell you right now, without question, it was weak sauce compared to what the North Bergen High School Drama Club put on. Pictures and video began to surface on Twitter on Saturday of a high school that turned Alien into a play. As in, a… read more

I don’t tend to plug my own work around here from other sites, but I’m going to this time. March 30 is the 80th anniversary of Batman, and to celebrate I’ve been working for about a week and a half now on a series where I break down the biggest moments in the character’s history… read more

The first Deadwood trailer is here, and it’s like we never left the town. I’ve made no secret of my love for this series, and these revisits, revivals, whatever you want to call them don’t always go well. But this honestly looks about as close to seamless as you can possibly get. I’m so in.… read more

Stranger Things is back, and it’s so 80s it hurts… in a good way. I will fully admit I didn’t enjoy Stranger Things 2 as much as the first season, but it was still better than 95% of other television shows. And now Stranger Things 3 has my attention because it looks as though we’ll… read more


On Tuesday I needed to shut down some servers used by my work. I figured this would be answer a few security questions, request, confirm, and done. Three hours. Three hours of my life are gone to shutting these servers down. Why did it take so long? Well, to make sure you want this done… read more

Marvel scores one of its biggest wins yet at the box office. Coming in first, to the surprise of no one, was Captain Marvel. The film took in $69.31M domestic for a new total of $266M. The global total sits at $760.21M. Wonder Park came in second with $16M. Third place went to Five Feet… read more

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I’ve been a fan of Sumo wrestling for years, but I realized I’ve never discussed it here. We’re currently on day 8 of the March Basho (tournament) and it seems like a fitting time to discuss it. First off: Stop thinking it’s just two fat guys pushing each other around. There are 82 techniques to… read more

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