Following on from numerous issues behind the scenes, many people questioned the film, and it got an unfortunate bum wrap. My not seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story in the theater had nothing to do with the film itself, but instead the theater in my town. Now that it is out digitally and I’ve been… read more

And now it will be like Danny Boyle never even walked into the James Bond offices. As we already knew, Danny Boyle is out as the director of Bond 25, but now it looks like everything involving him is going away. According to The Daily Mail, EON Productions have dropped Boyle’s script which was co-written… read more


I was already intrigued by Netflix’s upcoming Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series, but the trailer has me completely sold now. Just watch and tell me you aren’t in. I already love Riverdale, and the same team behind that show is working on this. But I also love supernatural shows and this just looks to be… read more

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Henry Cavill and Warner Brothers have parted ways meaning a new Superman is going to be needed. The report was later confirmed by Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap. Apparently, this is a move by Warner Brothers to focus on the upcoming Supergirl movie. It is also suggested… read more

After taking some detours with Annabelle and The Nun, it’s time to get back to the main series. Series producer Peter Safran is saying that The Conjuring 3 will go into production in 2019 for a 2020 release. Speaking with Cinema Blend, Safran said, “It’s actually coming along great. David Leslie Johnson is working on the… read more

Chris Pine has reportedly walked away from talks on Star Trek 4. Chris Hemsworth was also supposed to return as Kirk’s father in this one, but he also apparently walked away. Everyone is offering opinions, and talking about how these negotiations have to get back on track and so on. And, honestly… I say we… read more

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Horror films just can’t seem to lose at the box office the past several years. First place this weekend went to The Nun with the biggest opening of The Conjuring series with $53.5M. Globally it sits at $131M off of a $22M budget. This series isn’t going anywhere soon. Crazy Rich Asians came in second… read more

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Did you feel it happen? The moment Labor Day ended it began. It’s like a modern day zombie apocalypse that comes once a year to infect the normally sane people in my life. Fall Fever hit. Now, to be clear, Autumn/Fall doesn’t officially start until Sept. 22, but that is neither here nor there. What… read more


September 8 2018

Fall TV Premiere Dates 2018

The Fall TV premiere dates are here, and the week of Sept. 24 is going to see you working your DVR to the point it breaks. I have to say, as I was prepping this list I came to a very sudden realization… I am so totally over linear, serialized television. That is not to… read more

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It seems that in this day and age everyone needs their own film studio, and the latest addition is Barbie-maker, Mattel. Mattel Films was announced this week, and I’m still scratching my head a bit. Where Hasbro has huge intellectual properties under its belt, Mattel’s are a bit softer. Here’s a list of them and… read more

If the 1970s grew legs and drove a car it would look exactly like Burt Reynolds. I  honestly can not think of a day in my life where I wasn’t aware of Burt Reynolds. From appearing on daytime talks shows… The Tonight Show… commercials for his movies… the movies themselves… for the majority of my… read more

I have had mixed feelings about this upcoming Halloween sequel, but once that classic music kicks in… I can’t help myself. I’m in. I still have a lot of issues with the idea that this film ignores everything but the first film. That is going to cause a lot of confusion for folks who don’t… read more


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