Rumors are saying the New Mutants movie is delayed yet again. My thinking is it’s just time to give up. Even though we got a trailer all the way back in Oct. 2017, the film was immediately delayed following that. the film was delayed to August 2019. The plan was a massive retooling would happen… read more

It seems that Generation X may be on its way to being the forgotten generation at this point. While speaking with my mother last week I asked a somewhat rhetorical question about what happened to Generation X. “What’s happened? It’s as if you aren’t a Baby Boomer or a Millenial you just don’t matter and… read more

This time of year is always a weird one for films, and this weekend really summed that up. Glass took the top spot this weekend with $40.58M off of a $20M budget. Second place went to The Upside with $15.67M for a new domestic total of $43.98M off of a $37.5M budget. Dragon Ball Super:… read more

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Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has made it clear that he does not feel superhero fatigue has kicked in and it’s a silly concept. Critics and pundits keep trying to say that superhero fatigue has kicked in and comic book movies are doomed. The problem is, the box office results seem to disagree with them…… read more

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How do you know your music festival was a failure? Well, first it doesn’t happen. Then, second, two documentaries are made and they come out in the same week. Fyre Festival was astounding to watch unfold live back when it happened, and now having watched two documentaries on it in the same week, it’s even… read more


It seems that Warner Bros. may have finally realized you need to learn how to walk before you can run. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. film chief Toby Emmerich said some interesting stuff about the DCEU. What does the success of Aquaman mean for the DC Universe? We all feel… read more


Sometimes when I watch a trailer I think, “You know what, they threw everything at the wall and then decided to use it all.” That’s how you get something like John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Lets watch the trailer, shall we? I enjoyed the first film. It was fresh and new. John Wick Chapter… read more


The obsession with Ghostbusters has always mystified me a bit. Sure, I enjoyed the first one. It was a good comedy, but it wasn’t the be-all, end-all. Ghostbusters 2 was bad. Full stop. And then people spent years obsessing for a third, and I never got it to be honest. There was nothing that screamed… read more

On Monday it was finally made completely official, has been sold. With it went some of the social assets, but not the entire company. As to what is happening to me work wise, more on that in a moment, but first, here is Jon Rettinger to explain the big picture. At to what happens… read more

Despite horrible reviews, Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart make a winning team. First place went to The Upside with an opening of $19.59M off of a $37.5M budget. Aquaman came in second with $17.26M for a new domestic total of $287.86M. It’s new global total sits at $1.001B, the first DCEU film to break into the… read more

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It seems that the Gambit film, amongst several other Fox projects, may have finally met its merciful end. With the impending sale of 21st Century Fox assets to Disney, it seems that this dream that Marvel movies yet to enter production would live in has died. Daniel Richtman from Super Bro Movies is reporting that… read more

My current contract on the server that hosts this site expires at the end of June. At that time the ‘introductory’ pricing goes away and there is no way I can afford the regular pricing. With that in mind, I’ve started the not so fun process of trying to research my next hosting plan. …… read more

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