It seems that the Gambit film, amongst several other Fox projects, may have finally met its merciful end. With the impending sale of 21st Century Fox assets to Disney, it seems that this dream that Marvel movies yet to enter production would live in has died. Daniel Richtman from Super Bro Movies is reporting that… read more

My current contract on the server that hosts this site expires at the end of June. At that time the ‘introductory’ pricing goes away and there is no way I can afford the regular pricing. With that in mind, I’ve started the not so fun process of trying to research my next hosting plan. …… read more

The seemingly never-ending saga of the Masters of the Universe film is receiving a new chapter. I have been writing about Sony’s attempts at a Masters of the Universe film since 2012. At this point, I feel like I can’t end this site until this film is on the screen. It’s as if we’re now… read more


Poor Jubilee. She just can’t seem to last more than a few seconds in an X-Men movie. For such a central character in the 1990s X-Men cartoon, she can’t win int he films. In X-Men she was played by Katrina Florence. In X2 and X-Men: Last Stand she was played by Kea Wong. In all… read more


Quartz conducted a study of just how much original content Netflix released in 2018, and it’s staggering. In total, the company put out 90,000 minutes, or nearly 1,500 hours, of content in 2018. You would need to watch more than four hours of Netflix a day to consume all of it. The numbers broke down… read more

Gunpowder Milkshake… It’s one of those film titles that makes me automatically go, “You aren’t going to be anywhere as cool as you think you are.” Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy) has signed on to the lead role in a film that is using “stylish,” “snappy,” and “violent” as its watchwords. And the producers… read more

It seems that the king of the seven seas may also be the king of the box office. Aquaman swam his way to the top of the box office again in its third weekend of domestic release. It took in $30.7M for a new domestic total of $259.72M. That brings the global total to $940.72M.… read more

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January 6 2019

Following My Own Rules

I didn’t mean to do a series on work-related stuff, but here we ware. With tomorrow being the first full week of work since the holidays, and 40 days to Toy Fair, I’m going to start emailing my contacts on Monday to book appointments. What am I not going to do? Email them in the… read more


January 5 2019

A Few Notes on Email

In an average day, I receive between 100 and 200 emails. That’s just part of my life, but as of late, I have three massive complaints. You know that awesome idea you have to auto send the email at 9am in your time zone so it comes in just as I start my workday? Remember,… read more

These three day weeks were awesome… unless you were trying to get actual work done. It made sense with the holidays being on Tuesdays to take Monday off, but then so many people took both weeks off totally that you could get nothing done. If you thought this year was wack, just think about next… read more

The Punisher season 2 received a release date on Thursday. All I can say is I hope you enjoy it while you can. It’s clear Netflix is done with Marvel shows. The streamer has already canceled Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil, it seems as though this series meeting an untimely end is only a… read more

As someone exposed to just about every piece of marketing out there, I really wonder who viral marketing works on. Take for instance the new Stranger Things 3 promo video. I know darn well there is stuff hidden in all the code that flies by. But here’s the thing, I don’t have the time nor… read more

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