11th Doctor

Matt Smith is ready to don the bow tie for the sixth season of Doctor Who launching in April. The new season of Doctor Who will see the return of Matt Smith (the Doctor) as well as his companions, Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams).  When we last saw the characters, the Doctor… read more

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While the core of Doctor Who has always remained the same, the regeneration of the Doctor is always a time of some trepidation. If you don’t like the new actor, you’re stuck with them for a few years, and you just have to hope the next one is an improvement. When the fourth Doctor (Tom… read more

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The premiere of season 5 of the new version of Doctor Who is rapidly approaching, and to whet our appetites, the BBC has released another trailer. The fifth season of Doctor Who is about to premiere in the UK, and two weeks after that we can expect to see it in the USA on BBC… read more

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It’s that magical time in every Doctor Who fan’s life where we get to see the first pictures of the next regeneration, and the first pictures of Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor are… odd. I have to say on first seeing these new pictures of Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor in costume are… read more

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