This is one of those movie reviews where you have to wonder where you even begin. Do you judge it based on its faithfulness to the source material? Do you judge it based on it solely as a theatrical work? It’s a tough question, and an even tougher one when it is a film adaptation… read more

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It may be hard to believe, but there was once a time where a movie based on a comic book being released was like some sort of weird dream.  It was rare, and it was even rarer that they were actually good.  Luckily all of that has changed over the years, and the rule of… read more

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Oh, this is too funny. Me thinks someone has heard from his corporate overlords and was told he was being an idiot. Yesterday I mentioned how Michael Bay was all up in arms over Paramount going to HD-DVD only? He was proclaiming “…No Transformers 2 for me!” and how he was unahppy with the switch… read more

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April 26 2007

Top Comics Movies

I recently saw this list over on AOL about what they considered the best fifteen comic book movies. I agreed with most of it, but, eh, I might as well do my own seeing as I have worked in, and around, the comic industry for 21 years, and was almost in a comic based movie… read more

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