September 11 2011

9/11 – A Decade Gone

It’s hard to imagine that it has been a decade since that fateful day, but here we are … ten years gone, and no closer to healing. We’re waiting for the Freedom Tower to be completed, but will even that be able to fill the hole left in our hearts on that Tuesday morning?  No,… read more


With the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks looming large this weekend, news broke tonight that an unconfirmed, but credible threat has been discovered aimed towards New York City and Washington D.C. While details have been sparse thus far, the rumors are that the plot uncovered by law enforcement say that three people are involved in the plan, and… read more

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September 11 2010

9/11 – Nine Years On

Every year I debate if I still need to do this post, but then I realize that somehow talking about some stupid movie or television show, ranting about a law that irritates me and so on just wouldn’t make a lot of sense, nor would it feel right. Last year I talked about how you… read more


When was the last time you thought about a fireman? A policeman? An EMT? Why not take a moment today to do that? Eight years ago today terror came to our doorstep, and a certain breed of men and women raced toward it to help their fellow man.  In the weeks and months following 9/11,… read more

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September 11 2008

9/11 – Seven Years On

I debated all day if I wanted to say anything this year or just continue with my normal BS posts, but you obviously can tell what won out. As I said last year, 9/11 has come to mean many things to me, it changed my life in a number of ways; it probably led to… read more


So, I talked about how Packet 8 messed us over when we tried switching to them for VoIP. Well, we’re looking around now, not giving up on the idea quite yet, but we have hit a new snag… 911 service. It seems, according to Verizon Voicewing, that no one is able to give us 911… read more

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