Adam Sandler

In one of those unusual circumstances, Hotel Transylvania is one of those movies I haven’t heard a word about until the trailer suddenly appeared. Sony is definitely not one of the first names in animated films, but considering how most of these productions do at the box office, it isn’t too surprising that more of… read more

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It’s quite an accomplishment when one movie sweeps an entire awards ceremony, but it’s happened. Congratulations to Adam Sandler and his film Jack & Jill! Back in February the Razzie nominations were announced, and while it was impressive Jack & Jill and it’s star, Adam Sandler appeared in every category, but who could have guessed… read more

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The first part of the final Twilight film easily won the box office this weekend, surprising no one. Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 raked in $139.5 million this weekend, falling short of the second film’s (New Moon) $142.7 million, but still an impressive hall none the less.  There really isn’t much else to say… read more

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It seems if you put men in armor and make a movie all shiny, people will rush out to see it. The same folks who produced 300 came back with another period film, Immortals, and it did okay, but not exactly the best.  After a $15 million Friday, the domestic gross came in at $32… read more

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