The American Family Association (AFA) has decided that the time has come for them to take their fight for decency into the grocery aisles.  Their target?  Schweddy Balls. Announced a mere two weeks ago, the Saturday Night Live inspired ice cream has already hit store shelves (I’ve tried it, I liked it.)  One Million Moms, a… read more

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Do you know who I love ALMOST as much as the American Family Association? The Parents Television Council, that’s who! I am sure most of you are familiar by now with the new viral hit to come out of Saturday Night Live, “Dick In A Box” (link takes you to the uncensored version). Well, it… read more

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Most days is a battle. “What to blog about? WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT?!?” But…then, then the American Family Association goes and annoys me again and there ya go…blog entry written! In their latest “ActionAlert” they are upset over Two and a Half Men. As they put it “CBS, Charlie Sheen bash Christ, Christmas and Christians”.… read more


*WARNING:I curse in this entry. I am using it to prove a point* CBS wants to re-air their documentary, “9/11“, on Sunday September 10th to mark the fifth anniversary of the tragedy. Two French filmmakers happened to be following a probationary fireman on that fateful day, and started off as a film about a young… read more


Back on February 4th of this year, I wrote, yet another, entry about the American Family Association attacking television shows. One thing I said was: What I also don’t understand is that twice now they have attacked NBC over being “anti-Christian”, but yet I have not heard a peep of anyone going after Rescue Me… read more



February 10 2006

Here I Go Again On My Own

Ah, another week, another occurance of the American Family Association going after NBC. This time their target is an episode of Las Vegas that already aired. According to this letter they sent out today, they take offense to the inclusion in the February 6th episode of scenes taking place inside of a strip club. They… read more


Back on January 24th I warned you all that with even more victories by groups like the American Family Association, they were going to go after more TV shows and that this was far from over. I don’t want to say “I told you so”, but … they did it again. This time it was… read more


So, I finally watched the highly controversial Book of Daniel. Well…near as I could tell, the American Family Association fears well written, compelling storylines that feature true-to-life and realizstic characters. Well acted, nicely shot and tightly plotted and scripted. It seems you are not allowed to portray Jesus as anything other than giving the Sermon… read more

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The American Family Association is making it their job to attack the NBC series The Book Of Daniel before it has even aired, all they know is what’s been in the press releases. Daniel Webster (nice joke) is an Episcopal priest addicted to pain killers, he has a gay son, an alcoholic wife, a daughter… read more

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