If you read this blog, and care about this info, you’ve already heard. If you read this blog, and don’t care….too bad. This news made my day. All My Children Head Writer Fired! Man that feels good to read. As you all know from my previous posts, I’ve been working on projects in my spare… read more

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To anyone who liked Anna Nicole Smith, this rant is not about HER as a person. Yes, Anna Nicole had a tragic life, I won’t argue that, what I will argue is the media should be ashamed of itself. In no way did she deserve the amount of coverage she received since her death yesterday.… read more

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So…remember how I mentioned the website I was behind,, got mentioned on Canadian TV? That brought us some traffic, but now comes the site being mentioned by the lesbians-in-media news site, In their weekly column, Best.Lesbian.Week.Ever., they mentioned the current storyline on All My Children and named Bam For Beginners as the place… read more

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January 16 2007


So, I know most of you are bored with hearing about, but something very, very cool happened today. As I was logging in for the morning and checking in with my email, I was getting notes from my fellow BAM fans about if I had heard about the TV mention I got. I had… read more

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